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Almeria Park, Fontana - Everything to Know

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Almeria Park is a small 8-acre park in Fontana, California. It has 2 large playgrounds, shelters, picnic tables, and a large green space. We’ll talk about everything there is to know about this park in our blog.

A map of Almeria Park in Fontana, California
A map of Almeria Park on Google Earth

The parking lot is on the eastern side of the park off of Almeria Avenue. There are only 11 spots if you include the handicapped space. Almeria Avenue has enough street parking for two dozen cars - if this is still not enough, there is parking in the nearby neighborhoods.

The parking lot at Almeria Park in Fontana, California
The main parking lot

Next to the parking lot are some bathrooms and a water fountain.

There is a sidewalk that goes throughout the entire park, 0.30 miles long. The sidewalk on the outside of the park is 0.23 miles long.

There are 5 areas with picnic tables, and 4 of them have a shade shelter. Each area has a couple of barbecue grills, too! You can rent each shelter for $54 a day if you are a resident, and $110 if you are not. Also along the way are a couple of big playgrounds with some benches. We’ll talk about that down below.

A shade shelter with picnic tables at Almeria Park in Fontana
A shade shelter with picnic tables

The open green space is in the middle of the park. Anything can be played here, including football, soccer, baseball, frisbee, and volleyball! The picnic tables and shade are close enough to be able to watch your kids closely. You can easily see the San Gabriel Mountains nearby, which look significantly better with snow.

Last but not least is that there are lights along the sidewalks. You can still take a walk through the park when it’s dark, or keep on playing a sports game.

Unfortunately, no dogs are allowed.

Almeria Park Playground

Both playgrounds have rubber flooring, so the chances of getting hurt are reduced. There are also some trash cans and benches next to each playground, along with a shade cover over them (these are very rare, but amazing during hot days).

Almeria Park Playground in Fontana, California
Almeria Park Playground

One of the Almeria Park Playgrounds has a swirly slide, 3 classic slides, ladders, spinning wheels and other jungle gym equipment, a rock climbing wall, stairs, a bridge, a fireman pole, and more. There are also 2 traditional swings and a chair swing.

The other (younger ages) Almeria Park Playground has a rope ladder, slides, this cool thing to climb (I can’t explain it, though), a rock slide to climb up, games, and 4 more bucket swings.

Almeria Park Playground in Fontana, California
Another angle of Almeria Park Playground

Your kids will stay busy for hours here, and you can have lunch afterward. Almeria Park is a great place to have a perfect day!

Address: 7250 Almeria Ave, Fontana, CA 92336

Hours: 7 AM - 10 PM

Coordinates: 34.122256, -117.460364

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