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Arlington Park - Riverside

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Experience the ultimate park at Arlington Park, where you'll find everything you need for a perfect day outdoors. There’s a large playground, pool, 2 tennis courts, basketball court, volleyball court, and picnic tables. The video below shows some events that happen on the weekends. In this blog, we’ll cover everything there is in this 4-acre park.

A map of Arlington Park in Riverside, California
A map of Arlington Park on Google Earth

Before we end the blog, Arlington Heights Sports Park is different from Arlington Park, although it is just a couple of miles away. It's a huge park with playgrounds, baseball fields, soccer fields, basketball courts, and lots of fruit trees!

We’ll start off by talking about the parking. There is street parking along Miller Street, Roosevelt Street, and Hayes Street; there is a cyclist lane on Van Buren Boulevard. Dozens of spots are available for park-goers.

The parking lot in Arlington Park in Riverside, California
Some street parking

Next is the swimming pool. The pool is 80 feet long and has a diving board. Unfortunately, there may only be one or two tables and no chairs. There are a few benches just outside the fence, which I find strange. Some stairs lead down to the shallow end of the pool. There are no lanes to swim in.

The swimming pool at Arlington Park in Riverside, California
The swimming pool

The bathroom is just outside of the fence next to the playground. Some people have reported that it can be closed during certain times, so I recommend going to the bathroom before you go to the park.

The restroom, picnic tables, and shelters in Arlington Park
The bathroom and shaded picnic tables

The rollerblading area used to be on the western side of the park. They removed it to build the Bourns Family Youth Innovation Center. It was very big, too, but things can’t last forever.

The Bourns Family Youth Innovation Center in Riverside California
The new Youth Innovation Center next to Arlington Park

The basketball court is just off Miller Street. It has everything, including free-throw lines, three-point lines, and mid-court lines. One of the hoops is very close to the street, so make sure not to miss the backboard. There is a lot of shade on the court.

The basketball court at Arlington Park in Riverside, California
The basketball court

The 2 tennis courts are next to the basketball court. There are lights so that players can still play during the night. Luckily, there is a fence. No tennis balls can roll onto the street.

The two tennis courts at Arlington Park in Riverside, California
The two tennis courts

There are 0.45 miles of sidewalks in and around Arlington Park. This is perfect for taking a walk, biking, or taking your pets on a walk. It will take you by everything in the park, including some benches and a shade shelter with a couple of picnic tables. There are lots of lights all around the park to make things safer at night time.

The sidewalks that go through Arlington Park in Riverside
Some sidewalks

There are a few open grass areas where games can be played, but football requires a larger open space. I recommend Don Lorenzi Park, which is less than a mile away. It has a couple of baseball fields and acres of open space.

Arlington Park Playground

The playground has some benches around it so parents can watch their children. There will be very little shade here. The playground surface is rubber, which is so much better than wood chips or mulch.

Arlington Park Playground has lots of slides, a bridge, a swirly fireman pole, spring riders, monkey bars, ladders, and jungle gym equipment where your kids can show off their ninja skills.

Arlington Park Playground in Riverside, California
Arlington Park Playground

There’s another part of the playground that has a swirly slide, a regular slide, a tunnel, games, stairs, talk tubes, and more.

There are also 2 traditional swings, 4 bucket swings for babies and young kids, and 2 swings that are like little chairs (kids will be less likely to fall off).

Have a fun day being outdoors!

Address: 3860 Van Buren Boulevard, Riverside, CA 92503

Hours: 6 AM - 10 PM

Coordinates: 33.920879, -117.448168

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