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Bowles Grove Park - Littleton

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Bowles Grove Park is a 20-acre park in Littleton, Colorado. Although it lacks a playground, there is still a fishing pond, a baseball field, and 2 multipurpose fields.

Bowles Grove Park, Littleton in the winter
Bowles Grove Park pond

We’ll begin by talking about the parking. There is a parking lot next to the Centennial Academy of Fine Arts, just off West Berry Avenue. The main parking lot, though, is off South Federal Boulevard. There are over 75 spaces, including 4 handicapped spaces. This should be enough parking, even when games are going on.

A map of Bowles Grove Park in Littleton, Colorado
A map of Bowles Grove Park

The main parking lot at Bowles Grove Park
The main parking lot

The baseball field is on the northern side of Bowles Grove Park, 500 feet away from the main parking lot. This is one of the nicer ballfields in Littleton because there is a scoreboard in the outfield, along with outfield fencing and lights.

The baseball field at Bowles Grove Park, Arapahoe County
The baseball field

The outfield fence is 285 feet away from home plate. It worries me that if anyone hits a home run to the left part of the field, it can hit a car.

Bowles Grove Park's baseball field
The outfield

There are two bleachers with 3 rows each. Neither of them has any shade. Luckily, each dugout has both a bench and a shade cover. Parents should bring their sunscreen to avoid getting sunburnt (or bring an umbrella).

To the left side is a porta potty in the shade. It is seasonal, meaning that it most likely won’t be there in the winter.

The parking lot next to the baseball field at Bowles Grove Park
The parking lot next to the baseball field

Next are the two multipurpose fields. Multipurpose Field #1 is to the north of the main parking lot, and Multipurpose Field #2 is to the west of the main parking lot. At least one field will have painted lines and soccer goalposts. Any game ranging from football to soccer can be played on these fields.

A multipurpose field at Bowles Grove Park, Littleton
Multipurpose Field #2

Adjacent to Multipurpose Field #2, there is a fence where you can hit baseballs without them rolling away.

Bowles Grove Park field in Littleton, Colorado
The baseball fencing

There is still plenty of space to do whatever you want in the park. If games are going on in the 3 fields, head west of the main parking lot, and that area will likely be empty.

There are sidewalks leading from the parking lot to the baseball field and along the pond.

The sidewalks at Bowles Grove Park
The sidewalks near the pond

A fair warning: there is no playground, shelter, basketball court, or permanent restrooms here. There are plenty nearby, though, like Sterne Park or Gallup Park.

Cornerstone Park not only has 3 different playgrounds, but also a huge water park right next door!

Friday and Sunday are the busiest days, and Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the least busy days. As for specific times, 3 PM is the busiest time Friday through Sunday; 6 AM and 11 PM are the least busy times. The most crowded times for the rest of the days are 8 AM or the afternoon. 8 PM is the best time to go.

Bowles Grove Pond

Directly south of the parking lot is Bowles Grove Pond. It is a little larger than an acre, and fishing is permitted. It has a couple of water fountains and an island with a tree in the middle. Although the pond is not as big as Ketring Lake at Ketring Park, it can still make for a fun day.

Bowles Grove Pond in Bowles Grove Park, Arapahoe County
Bowles Grove Pond

The pond reportedly has rainbow trout, crappie, largemouth bass, bluegill, and perch. Some nearby ponds and reservoirs have species like largemouth bass, bluegill, and catfish!

You can see just how surreal a walk is through Bowles Grove Park in the winter. Watching snowflakes fall over water is relaxing, plain and simple.

The Bowles Grove Park sign in Littleton, Colorado
The Bowles Grove Park sign

Eli Lemberg's review explains, "I used to come here during lunch, working nearby. There is a lovely little lake with Canadian Geese and foliage. The park itself has a lovely walking path, and backs up into a school. It's a nicely maintained little suburban park."

Address: 5501 S Federal Blvd, Littleton, CO 80123

Hours: 6 AM - 11 PM

Coordinates: 39.614393, -105.028215

Nearby Parks and Locations: Redstone Park, Timberline Park, Kistler Park, David A Lorenz Regional Park, Arapaho Park, Writers Vista Park, McLellan Reservoir, Southbridge Park, and many more!

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