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Charley Emley Park - Littleton

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Charley Emley Park is a 2-acre Park in Littleton, Colorado. There is a playground, a couple of tennis courts, a basketball court, and 2 shelters. It’s also right next to Ridgewood Park, Lee Gulch, and Lee Gulch Trail. In this blog, we’ll talk about everything that has to do with Charley Emley Park.

Charley Emley Park Playground in Littleton, Colorado
Charley Emley Park Playground

The best place to park is along West Briarwood Avenue which is next to South Prince Street. There will be plenty of parking available here (dozens of spots in total).

The street parking next to Charley Emley Park in Littleton
The street parking

The two tennis courts are available to the public. There is a little bench and a shade cover between the two courts. These courts are perfect for everyone, including pros, beginners, and people that just want to swing at a ball. There is a gate to get inside on the eastern side next to the basketball court and playground.

The tennis courts in Charley Emley Park in Littleton
Two tennis courts

Up next is the basketball court. You can see in the picture below that there are fences on three sides of the court. That lowers the chances of the ball rolling down the hill and into Lee Gulch. The court also does not have three-point lines (and is pretty small in general), so games may be difficult. Kids will always find a way to have fun.

The basketball court in Charley Emley Park in Littleton
The basketball court

There is a water fountain up near the street, plus multiple benches. There are 2 shaded shelters with a picnic table under each, plus a charcoal grill.

To get to Lee Gulch Trail (also known as Ivan Thomas Greenway), just take the sidewalk down the hill behind the park. You can walk for miles in either direction, including to Ashbaugh Park - which we wrote a blog about.

Lee Gulch Trail next to Charley Emley Park in Littleton, Colorado
Lee Gulch Trail

Just a heads up, there is no restroom at this park. There’s also little to no shade from trees, so bring sunscreen!

A map of Charley Emley Park in Littleton, Colorado
A map of Charley Emley Park on Google Earth

Charley Emley Park Playground

The flooring of the playground is a combination of wood chips and rubber - rubber over the swings and wood chips over the main part of the playground.

There are 4 swings in total. 2 are traditional swings, a bucket swing, and a chair swing that is handicap-accessible.

Charley Emley Park Playground has slides, a wooden ladder, monkey bars, a bridge, a cool rope structure to climb that’s about 8 or 9 feet tall, and more. You can stand up on the top and tower over everything else. This is one of the best playground structures I have blogged about so far.

The playground for younger children has a little clubhouse with some games.

The Charley Emley Park in Arapahoe County, Colorado
The Charley Emley Park sign

Ridgewood Park

If you take the Lee Gulch Trail 0.24 miles to the west, you’ll reach Ridgewood Park (also known as Ridgewood Park Lower). There are 2 baseball fields, a multipurpose field, and 2 trails. One trail takes you to Lee Gulch Overlook at the South Platte River. Parking is a pain here, so be mindful.

Address: 2301 W Briarwood Ave, Littleton, CO 80120

Hours: 6 AM - 10 PM

Coordinates: 39.595390, -105.016003

Nearby Parks and Locations: Ridgeview Park, DeKoevend Park, Ida Park, Aspgren Park, Ashbaugh Park, Carbone Park, James A Taylor Park, Redstone Park, and lots more!

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