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Collett Park - Riverside

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Collett Park is a 6-acre park in Riverside, California. It’s a great place to spend time with its 2 playgrounds, grass field, basketball court, volleyball court, and multiple shade shelters and picnic tables. In this blog, we’ll talk about everything in Collett Park.

A map of Collett Park in Riverside, California
A map of Collett Park on Google Earth

Luis Arias' shows a good portion of the playground and how much fun kids can have there!

There is lots of parking next to the park, which is somewhat rare nowadays. There are a few dozen spots on Arrowwood Drive and Torrey Pines Drive. At Collett Elementary School (just off of Collett Avenue), there is a parking lot with 50 spaces or so. This park is not a part of the school, so it shouldn’t be too crowded.

The street parking at Collett Park in Riverside, California
Some street parking

We’ll start off talking about the basketball court. There are two hoops back-to-back with a half-circle for each court (the two courts make a circle). Each court has a free throw line and a three-point line, so you can play some games here.

The basketball hoops at Collett Park in Riverside, California
The basketball court

There is a sandy volleyball court with a net on the southern part of Collett Park - the best place to park is on Arrowwood Drive. This is a wonderful place to play volleyball because there are some trees next to it.

The volleyball court at Collett Park in Riverside, California
Volleyball court

There’s a sidewalk that goes through the entire park that is 0.31 miles long. It will take you to everything in the park, including some shade shelters with picnic tables and benches. It’s great for walking your dog or taking a ride on your bike. You can see how beautiful it is in the picture below!

The sidewalk going through Collett Park in Riverside
A pretty sidewalk

There’s a shelter with 2 picnic tables on the western side of the park and another on the northern side. There are even more picnic tables scattered throughout the park.

The grassy field in the middle of the park is around 400 feet long. This is large enough for multiple people to play games and enjoy the day. People play football, soccer, and frisbee here. Some lights keep the park and playground visible during the night.

The green space and picnic tables at Collett Park
The green space

There is no bathroom at this park, so make sure you go before you arrive.

There is a Google review that says, "Nice park tucked away in a neighborhood off Collette, right next to Collette Elementary School. Clean park with dual playground for little ones and older ones + swing sets. 3 covered picnic areas, volleyball, and basketball court. We enjoyed our first visit and will be back soon."

Collet Park Playground

The playground has some benches and picnic tables underneath shelters; the playground itself may have a little bit of shade depending on the time of day. There are no barbeques, unfortunately.

The surface of the playground is wood chips, so I would recommend bringing some shoes to avoid splinters.

Collett Park Playground in Riverside, California
The older playground

The younger playground has 2 bucket swings, and the older playground has 4 traditional swings.

The younger playground has slides, a tube slide, a bridge, and games like tic-tac-toe.

Collett Park Playground in Riverside, California
The younger playground and some swings

The older playground has ladders, a swirly fireman pole, a swirly slide, a bridge, games, regular slides, and more. This playground is a great way to keep your kids busy.

Address: 10950 Collett Ave, Riverside, CA 92505

Hours: 8 AM - 5 PM

Coordinates: 33.912560, -117.479362

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