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Don Lorenzi Park - Riverside

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

From soccer to baseball, there are endless possibilities at Don Lorenzi Park in Riverside, California. The 10-acre park has 2 baseball fields, bathrooms, and lots of parking. We’ll cover everything about the park in this blog.

A map of Don Lorenzi Park in Riverside, California
A map of Don Lorenzi Park on Google Earth

This video by Chicho Juarez shows a part of the park.

We’ll first talk about the parking situation. There is street parking on California Avenue and Donald Avenue on the southern and western sides of the park respectively. There are also 2 parking lots. One is on Admiralty Avenue and has about 50 spaces.

The main parking lot at Don Lorenzi Park in Riverside, California
The main parking lot

The other is at the intersection of California Avenue and Jackson Street. It has 31 spots and 2 handicapped spots.

The street parking at Don Lorenzi Park in Riverside, California
The street parking

One baseball field is at the northeastern corner of the park, and the other is at the southern part of the park. Both outfield fences (the home run distance) are about 195 feet away from the home base. They can also be used for both baseball and softball.

One ballfield has one bench per dugout, but no shade covers; there likely won’t be any shade from the trees for players. The parents and fans have 3 rows of bleachers per side, plus a little bit of shade.

The baseball field at Don Lorenzi Park in Riverside, California
One of the baseball fields

The other ballfield (the northern one) has 3 benches per dugout and no shade cover. The spectators have some big concrete steps to sit on. I would recommend bringing your own chair and a chair or sunscreen.

The northern baseball field at Don Lorenzi Park in Riverside
The northern baseball field

There are bright lights shining the entire park up at night, so games are no problem.

The soccer fields, football fields, or anything other than baseball and softball will be located at the western corner of the park - in between the two ballfields. Most of the time, there is soccer happening in this area.

This grassy open space is perfect for any sports or games that you want to play. There probably won’t be any goalposts, but there are other parks nearby for that.

The green space at Don Lorenzi Park in Riverside, California
The green space

There are sidewalks that connect the baseball fields and parking lots. Next to the smaller parking lot, there are bathrooms and 3 unshaded picnic tables. 2 more picnic tables are under a tree - perfect for having lunch. There are no playgrounds in Don Lorenzi Park.

The bathrooms apparently have no doors and they’re badly maintained. Hopefully, that changes by the time you visit the park.

A walk around the park will be half a mile. You’ll see lots of trees along the way. It’s a very popular route for walking dogs.

Ronnie Campbell explains the park as "I have been going to this park for years. You can actually get piece of mind there. I used to run and walk laps. Hey, I still do. There is a lot of shade from the trees and the grass is forever green. It's chill and breezy."

Have a nice day at Lorenzi Park!

Address: 4230 Jackson St, Riverside, CA 92503

Hours: Open 24 hours

Coordinates: 33.930890, -117.444930

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