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English Springs Park, Chino Hills - Everything to Know

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

English Springs Park is an 8-acre park in Chino Hills, California. It is an amazing place to spend time because of its large pond, playground, gazebos, basketball courts, volleyball court, and waterfall. In this blog, we’ll talk about everything that has to do with this park.

The pond at English Springs Park in Chino Hills, California
The pond at English Springs Park

There is a parking lot with 24 spaces and 2 handicapped spaces off Grand Avenue. This is the best place to park if you’re interested in one of the gazebos or the pond. There is also street parking on Village Center Drive (a few dozen spots in total). Most of the time, the majority of this parking will be occupied. The least popular days are Monday through Thursday.

The parking lot at English Springs Park in Chino Hills
The main parking lot

A map of English Springs Park in Chino Hills, California
A map of English Springs Park on Google Earth

Up next is the restroom. It’s next to the parking lot and it’s almost always clean - so many people visit here that they put in a lot of effort toward maintenance. Next to the entrance of the bathroom is a water fountain.

The restroom at English Springs Park in Chino Hills
The bathroom

You’ll see some concrete steps with grass in between. This is a nice spot to eat lunch and watch the geese and ducks swim in the water. There is a little waterfall (behind a fence, unfortunately) that is one of the more popular locations in English Springs Park. Lacy Park has a rose garden that's even more popular than this!

The waterfall at English Springs Park in Chino Hills
The waterfall

The gazebo on the northern side of the park is the main one. There are two shaded picnic tables with a few benches next to them.

The gazebo at English Springs Park in Chino Hills, California
A gazebo

If you want more peace and quiet, there are two more gazebos across English Springs Park Pond with barbecue grills. They also have 2 picnic tables, and they all have trash cans. All gazebos are reservable.

The picnic tables and gazebos at English Springs Park
Some picnic tables and gazebos

The two basketball courts are on the eastern side of the park. They are half courts with only one hoop, plus they have painted lines. The best part is that there is lots of shade here so midsummer games can still be fun. A couple of picnic tables are next to here.

The volleyball court is also on the eastern side of English Springs Park. It has sand and a permanent net. Shade in the summer isn’t too great, so try to play early or late in the day to avoid burning your feet.

The sidewalks and trails go throughout English Springs Park. They add up to 0.76 miles and offer beautiful scenery of all of the trees and the pond. Nearby are miles of hiking trails, Walnut Creek Nature Park, Hidden Hills Park, and English Creek Park. Chino Hills is a great place to explore!

The concrete steps at English Springs Park in Chino Hills
The concrete steps

The pond will usually have dozens of waterfowl like ducks and geese. You aren’t allowed to feed them, but you can watch them up close. There are also turtles and koi fish (most of them are at Turtle Beach on the south side of the pond). You will notice a little ramp that allows them to get out of the water. Turtles are rare to see these days in nature; I only see them in little glass tanks at pet stores.

Turtle Beach at English Springs Park Pond in Chino Hills
Turtle Beach

English Springs Park will close when it rains. The pond acts as a catch basin, and water levels can rise too high for people to be safe. The park reopens when water levels drop.

This park is very, very popular for taking prom pictures, wedding pictures, and basically all other formal events. Most pictures on Instagram are about these types of things.

English Springs Park Pond in Chino Hills, California
English Springs Park Pond

English Springs Park is the most crowded on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (unsurprisingly). Monday through Thursday are all the least busy days. As for specific times, 6 PM is the most active time on the weekdays and 2 PM is the most active time on the weekends. Before 4 PM or after 8 PM is the best time to go on the weekdays, and before 10 AM or after 7 PM is the best part of the day to go on weekends.

One review says, "I would like to thank the wonderful beautiful people of Chino Hills for being so warm, sweet, friendly, and caring. It is a beautiful place. The community is beautiful and it is kept very well. But the paths throughout the park are clean and wide and open. We live in a crazy world and I’m happy that the people of Chino Hills are able to block out that craziness and come to such a beautiful park and be together and find their own piece of happiness. I hope to be back. Check out the pictures."

English Springs Park Playground

Your kids will really enjoy this fun playground and the nearby scenery. The surface is mostly wood chips with a little bit of rubber and a cement walkway.

The playground at English Springs Park in Chino Hills
The playground

The playground has drums, 2 regular slides, 1 swirly slide, a rock climbing wall, a bridge, stairs, a ladder, games, and lots more.

The playground also has 2 traditional swings and 2 bucket swings for toddlers.

English Springs Park Playground in Chino Hills, California
Another view of the playground and swings

Address: 2201 Grand Ave, Chino Hills, CA 91709

Hours: 6 AM - 10 PM

Coordinates: 33.995975, -117.757642

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a day ago
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

It's a calm place to be at.


Aug 06, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

The pond and all of the ducks and turtles are just amazing. I recommend this to everyone that lives nearby!

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