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Everything About Andreson Park - Rialto, California

Andreson Park is a 5-acre park in Rialto, California with a dog park, a playground, a basketball court, 3 large picnic shelters, and more. This park is also known as Andreson Dog Park. We’ll talk about all of these things in this blog!

A map of Andreson Park in Rialto, California
A map of Andreson Park on Google Earth

The video above from Shawn Shelton shows the fun obstacles at the dog park!

Next to the park, there is a parking lot along South Lilac Avenue. It has 33 spaces and another 2 handicapped spots. If that lot is full, there is plenty of street parking on South Lilac Avenue and the surrounding neighborhoods.

The parking lot at Andreson Park in Rialto, California
The main parking lot

The full-length basketball court is somewhat unique compared to other ones in Rialto. It has all of the usual painted lines (like free-throw, mid-court, and out-of-bounds), but lacks a three-point line. There is another half-court in the shade. If you are wanting to shoot three-pointers, Joe Sampson Park is just around the corner - the only negative is that they are not full courts. Andreson Park is better for playing competitive games.

The basketball courts at Andreson Park in Rialto, California
A couple of basketball courts

There are a couple of places to play Horseshoe toss. Not only is there sand, but there are also barriers to prevent the horseshoes from escaping (and hitting a car). Usually, there is little to no shade. I recommend wearing shoes, but you should be doing that already if you’re throwing metal around.

The exercise station is next to the parking lot. It has pull-up bars, push-up bars, parallel bars for gymnastics, and benches. There are a few more things here, but I have no clue what they are - comment down below if you know! As for shade, there is nothing. Bring your sunscreen and shoes to prevent yourself from walking on the dirt.

The exercise station and Horseshoe toss at Andreson Park
The exercise station and Horseshoe toss

The center of the park has a green space that can be used to play soccer, football, and everything else. Some of the trees will prevent any large games from happening. The grass is in decent shape, too. If you want to play baseball on an actual field, Bud Bender Park is a great spot!

3 picnic shelters are scattered throughout the park. Each one has picnic tables, barbecues, and trash cans. Unfortunately, there isn’t one next to Andreson Dog Park - there are a lot of picnic tables under trees. This park is great if you want to have a secluded grilled lunch with your kids. You can rent one of these park shelters for $66.40 a day and a $100 refundable cleaning deposit, or risk finding a vacant one for your event.

The park shelter and grill at Andreson Park in Rialto, California
One of the picnic shelters and barbecues

0.40 miles of walking trails are inside Andreson Park. The shaded sidewalks are perfect for taking your dog on a walk to the dog park! People will often go jogging or walking on the large pathway.

The restrooms are also next to the parking lot. They are typically clean, but things can always change. If you get thirsty, there is a water fountain right outside.

The bathrooms at Andreson Park in San Bernardino County
The restrooms

The busiest days at the park are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; the least busy days are Monday and Thursday. 7 PM is the most crowded time every single day, and 6 AM or 1 PM are the least crowded times.

Shawn Shelton says, “Andreson Park is a very nice park in a nice community. There are multiple places to sit and gather, there are basketball courts, there’s a walking path with a dedicated trail that’s comfortable for your feet, and there is a dog area. The dog area consists of 2 sections, one for big dogs and one for small dogs. This is definitely a very nice park to come and have fun!”

Andreson Dog Park

Andreson Dog Park is toward the back of the park. As said above, there are two sections. One is for the larger dogs and the other is for smaller dogs.

There are tires that the dogs can just through, a pirate ship, tubes, stairs, and ramps. Many of these obstacles are painted - that’s probably for human aesthetics. There is also a water fountain for people and dogs.

Andreson Dog Park at Andreson Park in Rialto, California
Andreson Dog Park

Plenty of picnic tables are in this area. You can sit down and relax in the shade while your pets use up all of their energy.

Andreson Park Playground

The playground has some benches next to it for parents to watch their children. Be sure to wear shoes because it is full of wood chips or mulch (depending on what you call it). It has some lights that will allow kids to play after sunset.

The playground at Andreson Park in Rialto, California
Andreson Park Playground

Andreson Park Playground has 3 slides, a rock climbing wall, a swirly fireman pole, ladders, a bridge, and stairs. There are also 2 classic swings and 2 bucket swings for younger children. It’s a pretty small playground that young kids will like, but older kids will become bored rather quickly.

Andreson Park Playground in Rialto, California
Another angle of the playground

If you want a much, much better playground, Joe Sampson Park is right next door. The two playgrounds are one of the biggest in Rialto and San Bernardino County!

Andreson Park Address: 726 S Lilac Ave, Rialto, CA 92376

Hours: 5 AM - 10 PM daily

Coordinates: 34.088152, -117.379393

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