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Everything About Bethune Park - Moreno Valley, California

Bethune Park is a 10-acre park on the edge of Moreno Valley, California. Its amenities include 2 large playgrounds, a splash pad, 2 baseball fields, 2 tennis courts, a snack bar, multiple picnic shelters, and so much more. Read along as we talk about all of these features!

An aerial view of Bethune Park in Moreno Valley, California
An aerial view of Bethune Park

The video above from Salvador Rios shows part of the fun playground!

The parking lot off of Kitching Street has 45 spaces in total, 2 of which are handicapped ones. There is much more street parking if this lot is full. Look for Lurin Avenue or any nearby neighborhoods. This park frequently has no nearby parking!

The main parking lot at Bethune Park in Moreno Valley
The entrance to the parking lot

We’ll start off with the two baseball fields, which are also used for softball games. They are on the northern side of Bethune Park (next to Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary School). Each field has dugouts with shade covers and benches. The parents, on the other hand, have some bleachers, but little to no shade. It’s best to bring sunscreen and chairs just in case.

The baseball fields at Bethune Park in Moreno Valley, California
One of the ballfields

Neither field has an outfield fence, lights, or an electronic scoreboard like Lasselle Sports Park has. A lot of games and practices will happen on these fields throughout the year.

There are a couple more backstops near the back of the park where you or your children can practice hitting baseballs and softballs. This spot will be far away from everyone else. People will play games like soccer, football, and frisbee in this large green space. The grass is better than some other parks in the area.

If you want a soccer goalpost, El Potrero Park will probably have one - it’s only half a mile away.

The tennis courts have fences and well-painted lines. There are some lights for people who want to play at nighttime. A few trees will provide shade and relief from the hot summer sun. Last but not least, each court has an unshaded bench, plus a few more benches just outside of the fences.

The tennis courts inside Bethune Park in Moreno Valley
Two tennis courts

Next up are the four medium-sized park shelters. They are all around the snack bar in the center of Bethune Park. Each one has 4 picnic tables, a good-sized barbecue, trash cans, and recycling bins. People will often grill lunches with their family or friends here. If you are interested in renting one of these shelters, they are Picnic Shelters #3, #4, #5, and #6 - you can rent one for $86.60 a day.

Picnic shelters, barbecues, bathrooms, and a snack bar
Picnic shelters, grills, restrooms, and a snack bar

The snack bar is very big and surrounded by palm trees - you can’t miss it. I don’t know what concessions they sell here. I assume that it is the traditional stuff (like popcorn, pizza, soft drinks, and candy). The restrooms are also in this building, which is mostly clean.

Bethune Park has 0.68 miles of walking trails taking you through every feature in the park, including lots of trees. Next to the tennis courts, there are three picnic tables (all separated) that have a grill and a trash can. You don’t need to rent a gazebo to have a cooked meal.

A map of Bethune Park in Moreno Valley, California
A map of Bethune Park on Google Earth

Saturday and Sunday, unsurprisingly, are the busiest days at Bethune Park; Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the least busy days. 3 PM is the most active time every single day, and before 11 AM is the least crowded time (earlier is better, and later is worse).

Bolt says, “Nice park something for everyone, clean restrooms, and nice ball fields. Great playground equipment for the kids to climb on and swing on. The park even had tennis courts that run north and south so you can use the courts any time of the day without the sun being in your eyes.”

Only a mile away is the Lake Perris State Recreation Area, along with miles of trails and Terri Peak.

Bethune Park Playground

The surface of the playground is made up of wood chips and mulch, just like most other parks in Moreno Valley. There are numerous picnic tables (all shaded) and benches (little to no shade) to watch your kids from. The playground itself has some shade cover, but no trees will provide shade - I recommend bringing sunscreen.

The playground at Bethune Park in Moreno Valley, California
Bethune Park Playground

The larger Bethune Park Playground has a 15-foot tube slide, a jungle gym course, smaller slides, monkey bars, ladders, stairs, and so much more. The play structure is 30 feet tall! This playground is rated for 6-12 years old.

Bethune Park Playground in Moreno Valley, California
The playground at Bethune Park

The smaller playground has numerous slides, a climbing wall, games, a ladder, and spinning chairs. This one is rated for 2-5-year-olds, but it doesn’t matter much. Andulka Park is not too far away and has some pretty fun playgrounds!

Two bucket swings for younger kids and four traditional swings are off to the side.

The playground at Bethune Park in Riverside County, California
The smaller playground

The splash pad and water features are a little to the south. It’s basically eight water fountains that spray like an umbrella - nothing special, but kids love running through it! And yes, there are some benches here.

The splash pad and water park in Bethune Park, Moreno Valley
The splash pad

That about sums it up. Read some of our other blogs to discover new parks in Moreno Valley and the Inland Empire!

Bethune Park Address: 25510 Lurin Ave, Moreno Valley, CA 92551

Hours: 8 AM - 5 PM

Coordinates: 33.878220, -117.218071

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