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Everything About El Potrero Park - Moreno Valley, California

El Potrero Park is a 15-acre park located in Moreno Valley, California. The amenities include 4 multi-use athletic fields (mainly for soccer), a playground, picnic tables with barbecues, walking trails, and exercise equipment. There are more fields and playgrounds right next door at Lasselle Sports Park. Follow along as we cover all of these things and more!

The mountains next to El Potrero Park in Moreno Valley, California
The mountains next to El Potrero Park

The video above from Brody shows one of the soccer fields inside of the park, and they scored a goal!

There is a parking lot with 60 spaces and 3 more handicapped ones off of Via Pamplona and Camino Marilena. If these spots are full, there is another parking lot next to Lasselle Sports Park with almost 200 spots - just take the turn off of Lasselle Street. People have said that all of these spaces were full when they visited the park, so there is street parking on Arroyo Park Drive, Camino Marilena, Via Pamplona, and the surrounding neighborhoods.

The main parking lot at El Potrero Park in Moreno Valley
The main parking lot

All of the soccer fields will be 340 feet long and have painted lines. Any other sports, like football, will have cones set up as their boundaries. 3 soccer fields are west of the storm drain; the other is to the east. The fields may not have soccer goalposts for the entire year. For the parents, trees will provide some shade, just make sure to bring your chairs!

The grass soccer fields at El Potrero Park in Moreno Valley
One of the soccer fields

There isn’t much more to know about the multi-use fields other than that there are lots of soccer practices here and the grass is somewhat decent.

The only walking trail in El Potrero Park is 0.25 miles long. Walking from the parking lot to the eastern field will take about 7 or 8 minutes. Along the way is a 100-foot-long bridge running over the storm drain (I don’t think this is the Perris Valley Storm Drain, which is usually dried up). The bridge has a cage around the entire structure so that people don’t jump or fall off. The lights along the sidewalk will provide some visibility.

The bridge at El Potrero Park in Moreno Valley, California
The bridge in the middle of the park

You will be able to see some fitness equipment as you take a stroll through the park. They include pedal exercisers, sit-up tables, plus directions on how to use everything correctly.

The exercise equipment at El Potrero Park in Riverside County
The exercise equipment

One of the picnic shelters is in between the eastern field and the street. It is a gazebo with a couple of picnic tables, two small barbecues, a water fountain, trash cans, and recycling bins. It’s the perfect place to grill lunch with your family. This is Picnic Shelter #12; you can reserve this one for $86.60 a day.

The picnic shelter and barbecues in El Potrero Park
One of the two park shelters and grills

The other picnic shelter is just a pergola with a picnic table, located next to the parking lot. Although it is not as isolated or quiet as the other shelter, it still has a grill, a trash can, and a recycling bin. This is Picnic Shelter #11. You can reserve this for $43.30 a day.

There are 2 different restrooms in the park. One is next to the parking lot and the other is next to the playground. Both of them have water fountains and garbage cans. When games or tournaments are going on, these bathrooms will have long lines. I recommend going to the bathroom before leaving your house.

The bathrooms at El Potrero Park in Moreno Valley, California
One of the restrooms

Less than a mile away is Lake Perris State Recreation Area, along with miles of trails and Terri Peak.

El Potrero Park is very busy on the weekends but rarely visited on the weekdays. As for specific times of day, 10 AM and 6 PM are the busiest times; the best times to go are after 2 PM on the weekends or before 4 PM on the weekdays.

A map of El Potrero Park in Moreno Valley, California
A map of El Potrero Park on Google Earth

Sanchez says, “We attended our grandson's soccer game. Several fields and several games are going on at the same time. Not all fields have shade. May have to do some walking and carrying of chairs. No services or snack bar so be prepared to bring snacks and water. We had a nice picnic after the game under the shade trees.”

El Potrero Park Playground

The playground is on the eastern side of the park. It is forest-themed, has a wood chip or mulch surface, and a bench to sit on. There are also some lights for children to play when it’s dark outside since the park is open 24 hours a day. This playground is small, so there won’t be many kids there - it has been designed for 5-12-year-olds but can be used by any age group.

The playground at El Potrero Park in Moreno Valley, California
El Potrero Park Playground

El Potrero Park Playground has rock climbing walls, a tightrope, a slide, a bridge, a fireman pole, games, ladders, and stairs. There is also a little parkour course for your little ninja warriors to try out! Unfortunately, there are no swings here. There is a zip line and swings nearby at Shadow Mountain Park.

El Potrero Park Playground in Moreno Valley, California
Another angle of the playground

If your kids are interested in it, Bethune Park has a splash pad and Lasselle Sports Park has a couple of 20-foot tall tube slides!

El Potrero Park Address: 16841 Via Pamplona, Moreno Valley, CA 92551

Hours: Open 24 hours a day

Coordinates: 33.874705, -117.214702

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