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Everything About Hound Town Dog Park, Moreno Valley

Hound Town Dog Park is a small dog park located on the outskirts of Moreno Valley, California with lots of obstacles. In this blog, we’ll talk about how to get here and what is included in the park!

The sunset at Hound Town Dog Park in Moreno Valley, California
The sunset at Hound Town Dog Park

The video above shows one side of the dog park. Your dogs will have so much fun here!

There are two ways to get to the dog park. The first way is to take one of the turns off Redlands Boulevard. You’ll go up this dirt road 400 feet and take a slight right. Another few hundred feet up the hill, you should reach the park. The dog park is rectangular, while the Moreno Valley Equestrian Park and Nature Center is an oval. The other way is to drive onto Locust Avenue, take the slight left, and then turn right. It can be easy to get lost because there are so many roads in this area.

The entrance and parking lot at Hound Town Dog Park
The entrance to the park

The parking lot is expectedly dirt, but there is one paved handicapped spot. Up to 30 or 40 cars are able to park here. You will get a nice view of some mountains! There are some hiking trails through the canyons, plus a road that goes to the top. It’s a popular spot to get a panoramic view of Moreno Valley and Ordway.

The mountains next to Hound Town Dog Park in Moreno Valley
The mountains next to Hound Town Dog Park

There are two big play areas, separated by a fence, for your pets. One side is for smaller dogs. The other side is for bigger dogs - if your dog gets aggressive, find another place to go to! Both of them have trees, grass (which is in great shape), and obstacles. In the middle are a few shaded benches - there are more scattered around. It may be best to bring your own chair and sunscreen because there is almost always someone sitting on these benches.

The benches and shade shelters at Hound Town Dog Park
The benches and shade shelters

Hound Town Dog Park has tubes, holes to jump through, platforms, ramps, and fake fire hydrants. It’s a fantastic place for your pets to practice agility and to get them tired out.

The obstacles at Hound Town Dog Park in Moreno Valley
A couple of the obstacles

There are also water fountains for both people and dogs (not the same faucet, luckily). It has a bowl for them to drink from! Make sure to watch your pets. No one wants to feel threatened.

The water fountains at Hound Town Dog Park in Moreno Valley
Water fountains

This is a much better dog park than the one at Andreson Park and Aurantia Park!

There is a portable restroom at the entrance to the dog park. It’s in good shape for a porta potty.

An aerial view of Hound Town Dog Park in Moreno Valley
An aerial view of the dog park

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are the best days to go to Hound Town Dog Park; Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday are the busiest days. As for specific times, 8 AM and 7 PM are the most active times every day. 10 AM to 5 PM is the best time slot to go every day. Be aware that most people go early or late in the day to beat the heat!

Dogs playing at Hound Town Dog Park in Moreno Valley
Dogs love this park!

Shermika Shaw says, “Nice park has 2 sides and shaded spots which is great. There are 2 entrances and one takes you to a stable, but it has the turn off for you to go uphill to the dog park. I was there one evening and the worker came and locked the main gate before it was closing time but we could leave through the other entrance. Has bowls there and sometimes you will find balls for the dogs. Also has a little agility course set up for the dogs. My dogs are always tired when we leave Hound Town Dog Park. It has some friendly dogs and people.”

The obstacle courses at Hound Town Dog Park in California
More of the obstacle courses

The following are the rules for Hound Town Dog Park:

-Park users assume all risks and liability related to park use.

-No more than three (3) dogs per adult per visit.

-Dogs must have current vaccinations and must be wearing a collar with a current dog license, rabies certification, and identification.

-Dogs must be removed from the park by their owners at first signs of aggression.

-Aggressive dogs are prohibited.

-No children under the age of twelve (12) allowed, never leave dogs or children unattended.

-Choke chains and pronged training collars are prohibited.

-Dog food and/or treats are prohibited.

-Dogs in heat are prohibited.

-Puppies under four (4) months of age are not permitted in the park.

-Dogs that are ill and/or have external parasites (fleas, ticks, or worms) are not permitted in the park.

-Please help keep our park clean and free of holes by cleaning up after your dogs.

-Hound Town Hours: 7 AM - Dusk Daily.

Hound Town Dog Park Address: 11150 Redlands Blvd, Moreno Valley, CA 92555

Hours: typically 6 AM - 8 PM

Coordinates: 33.957919, 117.153446

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