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Geneva Park - Littleton, Colorado

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Geneva Park is a beautiful 10-acre park located in Downtown Littleton. With dozens of trees and a pond, it is one of the most relaxing parks in the area.

A map of Geneva Park in Downtown Littleton, Colorado
The Geneva Park map on Google Earth

Matt Wright's video shows the entire park, its pond, and city hall.

The best way to get here is to park in the parking lot next to the intersection of West Crestline Avenue and South Rio Grande Street. This lot has 27 spots and 1 handicapped space.

The main parking lot at Geneva Park, Arapahoe County
The main parking lot

We’ll start off by talking about the pond since it takes up so much of the park. Take the sidewalk 400 feet and you’ll be at the pond. The sidewalk going around the pond will be 0.20 miles. You will walk over a very small creek on the way.

The sidewalk leading to Geneva Lake in Geneva Park
The sidewalk leading to Geneva Lake

There are a couple of water fountains and a lot of geese. Many ponds in Littleton, including Bowles Grove Park and Sterne Park, have geese and Wood Ducks. You can go fishing, too.

If you want to sit down in Geneva Park instead of walking through, there are some picnic tables and benches throughout the park (mostly in the shade). Also next to the pond are dog bag dispensers and trash cans. There is a sign saying that you must pick up after your dog. It’s the law!

Geneva Lake in Geneva Park, Littleton, Colorado
Geneva Lake

In Geneva Lake or Lake Geneva (or whatever it’s called), there are multiple fish species. This reportedly includes black crappie, bluegill, black bullhead, and more.

To the southeastern side of the park, you have the City of Littleton government building, the Littleton Police Administration Office, and South Metro Fire Rescue - Station 11. Geneva Park makes a great place to relax during a stressful day helping the public.

There are some houses and streets on the western edge of the park; there will be signs saying that only Geneva Residents are allowed to park there.

Private property next to Geneva Park in Geneva Village
Private property next to Geneva Park

To the southwest, there is some more green space. It’s pretty small, though. Parking over here (also in Geneva Village) is also a pain because there is so much private parking.

More of Geneva Park in Downtown Littleton, Colorado
Another grassy area

In the winter, Geneva Park is amazing. Watching the snowflakes fall over the pond is incredible. I highly recommend visiting here with the snow.

Justin Hein's review says, "One of my favorite parks. Very peaceful atmosphere, usually never busy, and lots of shade. Perfect for picnics, hammocks, and walks."

If you want to have your kids play on some playgrounds, I highly recommend Cornerstone Park!

Bega Park

Bega Park is only 0.25 miles to the south on the edge of Downtown Littleton. Although there isn’t a pond there, it can still be relaxing. Its close proximity to Downtown makes it a convenient and popular spot for concerts, festivals, art, yoga, and so many other things.

You will also find a sign here that says Littleton, Colorado is sister cities with Bega, Australia. There’s a map of the world with these two cities, which is pretty unique in my opinion.

Address: 2255 W Berry Ave, Littleton, CO 80120 (This address is to the Police Department next door since Geneva Park doesn’t have an address. The parking lot is behind this building.)

Hours: Open 24 hours a day, every day

Coordinates: 39.618769, -105.013081

Nearby Parks and Locations: Hunters Hill Park, Sterne Park, Walnut Hills Park, Timberline Park, Cherry Knolls Park, Willow Creek Park, and Slaughterhouse Gulch Park.

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