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Harrison Park - Riverside

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

In this blog, we’ll talk about everything in Harrison Park. There are 2 playgrounds, a volleyball court, lots of green space, a sand pit, and benches in the 7-acre park.

A map of Harrison Park in Riverside, California
A map of Harrison Park on Google Earth

Isabel Makalintal's video shows one of the playgrounds and all of the exciting features it has!

There are no parking lots, so the only option is street parking. Luckily, there are dozens of spaces along Harrison Street and Lincoln Avenue.

The street parking at Harrison Park in Riverside, California
Some street parking

The volleyball court is in the middle of the park. It has sand and a net. It also has lots of trees surrounding it, so it’s perfect to play in the summer; no hot sand that burns your feet. The dimensions are 100 feet by 50 feet.

There are open, grassy areas throughout the park where games can be played like soccer, football, and frisbee!

An aerial view of Harrison Park in Riverside, California
An aerial view of the park

0.50 miles of sidewalks in and around the park take you to every location. There are benches and tables, plus a picnic table that’s under dense tree coverage just off Lincoln Avenue.

The sidewalk going through Harrison Park in Riverside
One of the sidewalks

The picnic tables in Harrison Park, Riverside
Some picnic tables

Before we jump into the playground, there are no water fountains or restrooms. I find it very surprising that so many parks in Riverside don’t have bathrooms.

Logan Allec says that it is a "Great park! No one else here other than some dog walkers on a Saturday morning. The play equipment is a little dated, and the rubber ground a bit ripped up, but my kids didn’t mind. Large, grassy area too for kids and dogs to run around."

Harrison Park Playground

There are some benches, trash cans, and a barbeque grill around the playground with a little bit of shade from the trees. The playground surface is rubber; it can get hot in the summer, but it’s still better than wood chips.

Harrison Park Playground in Riverside, California
Harrison Park Playground

The larger playground is designed for ages 5-12, but it doesn’t matter much who uses it. There are 3 slides, a rock climbing wall, a swirly fireman pole, stairs, a bridge, games like tic-tac-toe, and 4 traditional swings. There is also some jungle gym equipment, which is a favorite among kids.

An aerial view of Harrison Park Playground in Riverside, California
An aerial view of the playgrounds

The smaller playground has 4 bucket swings, primarily used for younger children. There are 3 spring rider motorcycles, a slide, a curved ladder, a chain ladder, games, a tunnel, stairs, and more. One game includes a clock where you can learn Braille and a couple of steering wheels.

Address: 2851 Harrison St, Riverside, CA 92503

Hours: 6 AM - 9 PM

Coordinates: 33.903492, -117.442148

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