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La Sierra Park, Riverside - Everything to Know

La Sierra Park is a 19-acre park in Riverside, California. Not only does it have 4 playgrounds, it has the La Sierra Community Center, 7 baseball fields, a basketball court, and a gazebo with picnic tables and grills. In this blog, we’ll talk about all of these things and more.

La Sierra Park in Riverside, California
La Sierra Park

This video from Christine Pitt shows part of the playground in the park!

The parking lot at the intersection of Gramercy Place and Mitchell Avenue has hundreds of spaces and some handicapped spots. The parking lot off of La Sierra Avenue (next to the La Sierra Community Center) has 100 spots and 3 handicapped spots. There are 36 spots and 2 more handicapped ones in the eastern parking lot. This is at Mitchell Avenue. Last but not least, there is street parking all around the park - including Norwood Avenue.

The main parking lot in La Sierra Park, Riverside County
The main parking lot

We’ll start off with all of the ballfields. Each of them has outfield fencing and some bleachers, but not much shade. Bring your sunscreen! All of the fields also have stadium lights so that games can be played at night. Only 2 of the fields have scoreboards in the outfield.

The baseball fields at La Sierra Park in Riverside, California
A couple of the baseball fields

4 of the fields are 200 feet long, 1 is 260 feet long, 1 is 140 feet long, and the last is 100 feet long. 5 of the fields have small pitching cages next to them. La Sierra Little League will play here frequently.

The shade shelter is in the middle of the park in between all of the fields (which can be used for softball). It has 6 picnic tables and some trash cans, plus you can watch your kids at the playground from here.

The gazebo and picnic tables in La Sierra Park, Riverside
The gazebo and picnic tables

1.19 miles of sidewalks are spread throughout La Sierra Park. The Arlington Valley Channel runs on the southwestern corner of the park. It was probably flowing a bunch when Hurricane Hilary hit!

There are bathrooms next to each of the parking lots. They seem to be closed or in bad shape most of the time. Be aware that there are no restrooms next to the playgrounds at the southern end of the park.

A map of La Sierra Park in Riverside, California
A map of La Sierra Park on Google Earth

Tuesday is the busiest day for La Sierra Park, and the least busy days are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 11 AM and 7 PM are the most crowded times for most days.

The City of Riverside prohibits the following: alcoholic beverages, dogs off leash, gambling, weapons, vehicles, skateboarding, rollerblades and scooters, camping, soliciting, fireworks, horses, golfing, and cutting of plants.

The sunset at La Sierra Park in Southern California
A lovely sunset

There’s one review that says, “I've only been to the community center here, so that's all my review is about. It's nice and clean. The basketball court seems well maintained, with plenty of bleachers for spectators. The restrooms are clean. Staff are friendly and very helpful.” The La Sierra Senior Center is here.

La Sierra Park Playground

Two of the playgrounds are in the center of the park with rubber surfaces. The larger playground has a rock climbing wall, a tall swirly slide, bridges, and more slides.

The playground at La Sierra Park in Riverside, California
La Sierra Park Playground

The smaller playground has slides, monkey bars, games, and 2 slides. Also, there are 2 traditional swings, 2 bucket swings, and a handicap-accessible chair swing. This playground easily rivals Victoria Arbors Park and the two at Ryan Bonaminio Park!

The playground at La Sierra Park in Riverside
Another part of the playground area

The other two playgrounds are on the southern part of the park - they both have rubber surfaces but no shade. There are 5 picnic tables underneath some “shade shelters” - they don’t provide much shade, though. A few benches are scattered around.

The larger La Sierra Park Playground has games, slides, stairs, a twisting ladder, and more.

The playground at La Sierra Park in Riverside, California
Another playground

The smaller playground has a swirly slide, a fireman pole, bridges, monkey bars, a tunnel, and jungle gym equipment. There are also 4 traditional swings.

All of these playgrounds are so large that they can keep your children busy for hours!

The La Sierra Park Playground in Riverside County, California
La Sierra Park Playground

These playgrounds are better than the ones at Veterans Park, English Springs Park, and Victoria Groves Park in Rancho Cucamonga. If your kids get bored of one playground, they have three more available!

La Sierra Park Address: 5215 La Sierra Ave, Riverside, CA 92505

Hours: Open 24 hours every day

Coordinates: 33.926757, -117.491788

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