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Puma Park - Centennial

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Run, play, and enjoy the wide-open fields of Puma Park. The 18-acre park has a playground with lots of swings, 2 multipurpose fields, 2 baseball fields, a hiking trail, and a shelter with picnic tables. It’s a hub of activity in the area. In this blog, we’ll cover everything about this park.

A map of Puma Park in Centennial, Colorado
A map of Puma Park on Google Earth

The park has a little hill that you can go sledding down in the winter!

The best place to park is South Ogden Way along the street. There will be a lot of spots here, but it can get crowded if there is more than one game happening. Unfortunately, there is no parking lot. You could also park in the parking lot at John Wesley Powell Middle School off of South Corona Way.

Street parking next to Puma Park in Centennial, Colorado
Street parking

The baseball fields are next to the playground. Each field has 3 rows of bleachers for parents but no shade - bring sunscreen or an umbrella! A chair is also a good idea. There is a bench for each team’s players, but no shade cover. The baseball field to the north has no dirt, only grass.

Multipurpose Field #1 (and Ballfield #1) will be on the southern side. It will be next to the dirt baseball field. Multipurpose Field #2 is just to the north. There will be goalposts and painted lines on the grass. These fields can be played by any age, while the ballfields will be more for younger children.

The soccer fields at Puma Park in Arapahoe County, Colorado
The soccer fields

Both Multipurpose Fields are 370 feet long, so that gives you an idea of how large Puma Park is.

Lee Gulch Trail - also known as Ivan Thomas Greenway - runs through the park. It goes in between the playground and the two baseball fields. The trail comes from the west (Horseshoe Park) and goes to the south. To the west, the trail goes on for miles and miles. To the south, Lee Gulch Trail ends in 0.6 miles.

Lee Gulch Trail going through Puma Park in Centennial
Lee Gulch Trail coming from the west

On the southern edge of the park, there is a sidewalk that crosses a 60-foot-long bridge!

I recommend walking, biking, or taking your dog for a walk on this trail because it is so beautiful and runs through Centennial and Littleton.

There is another dirt trail that runs on the western side of Puma Park that is 0.2 miles long. It connects with Powell Middle School and runs by a football field with a track and basketball courts. If you need one, there is a dog bag dispenser at the beginning of it.

Another trail going through Puma Park in Centennial
Another trail next to Lee Gulch Trail

There is yet another dirt trail running through the gully (in between the trail above and the multipurpose fields) that’s 0.3 miles long. Lee Gulch may have water flowing through it, making this a perfect and isolated place to relax.

Lee Gulch running through Puma Park in Centennial
The gully with lots of trees

Michelle loves this park because "my one year old can play on the equipment without there being a place for her to fall. It has a lot of shade, a great walking path, baseball, soccer, and open fields. A drinking fountain and covered picnic area right next to the equipment."

Puma Park Playground

Puma Park Playground has a shade shelter with 4 picnic tables, plus a seasonal porta potty. This, too, is in the shade, so it won’t be miserable to use in the summer. There are also some benches around the playground, along with a grill, trashcan, and water fountain.

Puma Park Playground in Centennial, Colorado
Puma Park Playground

The playground has 5 swings in total. 2 are traditional swings, 2 are bucket swings for young children, and one is a tire swing!

The larger playground has monkey bars, a tube slide, a swirly slide, games, a ladder, a bridge, stairs, and more.

The small playground has slides, games, and a tunnel. Both playgrounds have some shade built into them, but there isn’t much shade from trees. Plus, you can see the Rocky Mountains far away.

The ground cover is wood chips, so make sure that you and your kid bring some good shoes!

Have a fun day at Puma Park!

Address: 7900 S Ogden Way, Littleton, CO 80122

Hours: 6 AM - 11 PM

Coordinates: 39.575728, -104.976250

Nearby Parks and Locations: Carbone Park, Grandpa's Acres, Ida Park, Aspgren Park, Ashbaugh Park, Elati Park, James A Taylor Park, Redstone Park, and so many more!

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