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Rutland Park - Riverside

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Rutland Park is a 9-acre park located in Riverside, California. It has 2 playgrounds, 6 basketball hoops, a volleyball court, benches, and lots of picnic tables underneath shade shelters. We’ll be talking about everything in Rutland Park in this blog.

A map of Rutland Park in Riverside, California
A map of Rutland Park on Google Earth

This video from Mary Bell shows the fun and unique playgrounds!

First off is the parking. There is no parking lot, so the only option is street parking or walking. There is street parking along Rutland Avenue (a few dozen spots) and at the end of Glendale Avenue (maybe a dozen spots or so). Glendale Avenue is the best place to park if you are going to the playground.

Street parking at Rutland Park in Riverside, California
Some street parking

We’ll start with the volleyball court. It is on the western side of Rutland Park and has a net and sand. It can be fun to play a game with your friends, just as long as the sand isn’t burning your feet off.

The volleyball and basketball courts in Rutland Park
The volleyball court

The 6 basketball hoops are all next to the volleyball court. 2 circular courts have 2 baskets each (each hoop is a half-circle). These 4 hoops have free-throw lines and three–point lines.

The basketball courts at Rutland Park in Riverside, California
The circular basketball courts

There is a larger basketball court that is like a regular basketball court - it even has a mid-court line.

Furthermore, there are 0.44 miles of sidewalks within Rutland Park. They will take you to every location in the park. There are 4 shade shelters, all at the center; one shelter has 4 picnic tables, and the others have 2. There’s plenty of room to enjoy a meal or relax out of the sun!

Sidewalks going through Rutland Park in Riverside, California
Sidewalks lead around the park

There is a small grass field where games can be played, like frisbee, soccer, and football. There still isn’t much space, though, if there are other people.

The grassy green space at Rutland Park in Riverside
The green space

There is some gym equipment on the perimeter of the park. I’m not too sure of the purpose, so comment below if you know.

The gym equipment at Rutland Park in Riverside, California
The exercise equipment

Unfortunately, there are no bathrooms or water fountains in the park, but there are barbecue grills!

Luis Flores explains the park as "a nice place to take a morning jog or just to have a nice little picnic. It isn't the biggest, but a nice roomy size for many. Small playground but also has some basketball courts and a volleyball net. Large grassy area at the back.

Rutland Park Playground

There are two different playgrounds for kids with different skill levels, but they can use whichever one they want.

The surface is full of wood chips, so wear shoes!

The larger playground has a tall slide, stairs, a rock climbing wall, a lot of jungle gym equipment, monkey bars, a couple of smaller slides, a bridge, games, and a fireman pole.

Rutland Park Playground in Riverside, California
Rutland Park Playground

The smaller playground has a few rocking climbing walls, games, a rope climbing net, and more.

Rutland Park Playground is perfect for kids who like to climb or practice their ninja skills!

Address: 7000 Rutland Ave, Riverside, CA 92503

Hours: 6 AM - 9 PM

Coordinates: 33.957141, -117.467094

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