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Shadow Mountain Park, Moreno Valley - Everything to Know

Shadow Mountain Park is a 10-acre park located in Moreno Valley, California. Not only is it at the base of a mountain, it has a very large playground with a zip line, 2 baseball fields, walking trails, a gazebo with picnic tables, and more. Follow along as we talk about all of these things!

The mountains next to Shadow Mountain Park in Moreno Valley, California
The mountains next to Shadow Mountain Park

The video above from RHA Landscape shows the zip lines and the massive playground!

To start off, there is a small parking lot off of Presidio Hills Drive. It has 50 spaces, 2 of which are handicapped. There are an additional 30 spots or so of street parking on Lawless Road. If all of these spots are full, you can park in one of the nearby neighborhoods - there is sometimes no parking on Sunday when there are games going on.

The parking lot at Shadow Mountain Park in Moreno Valley
The main parking lot

Next on the list of things to talk about are the two ballfields, used for both baseball and softball. Both of these fields have dugouts and benches for the players, but no shade cover. There also is no outfield fence, bleachers for the parents, or electronic scoreboards. Luckily, there are stadium lights so that people can play ball during the nighttime. Parents: bring your sunscreen and chairs. Summer can be hot and exhausting

The baseball field at Shadow Mountain Park in Moreno Valley
One of the two baseball fields

If you are needing to go to the northern baseball field, park along Lawless Road. The parking lot next to Presidio Hills Drive is the best place to park for everything else.

There is a sidewalk that goes around the edge of Shadow Mountain Park 0.40 miles long. All of the other sidewalks add up to 0.28 miles - 0.68 miles in total.

On the eastern side of the park, there is a gazebo with a few picnic tables and 2 barbecue grills. The shade shelters at TownGate Memorial Park will likely have fewer people if you want a quiet lunch.

The picnic shelter at Shadow Mountain Park in Moreno Valley
The park shelter

The restrooms are next to the parking lot and playground; they are mostly clean. Make sure to keep the area clean so that they don’t turn into filth.

The bathroom at Shadow Mountain Park in Riverside County
The restrooms

There is very little shade anywhere in the park, but there is still plenty of green! If no games are happening, you can use the grass to play football, soccer, frisbee, and every other game. Dogs are allowed, too, if they are on a leash.

Friday and Saturday are the least busy times to go, surprisingly. Sunday is by far the most crowded day (it’s the weekend where there are games). Monday through Saturday, the busiest time to go is 7 PM. The best time to go is before 4 PM - that may be tough if your children are still in school. Sunday is the busiest at 11 AM, and the least busy after 5 PM.

The view of hills from Shadow Mountain Park in Moreno Valley
The mountains next to the park

Day’s review says, “This special hidden gem is a wonderful place to make memories. Keep the gate closed and protect our kiddos. The 360 degree views are amazing landscapes. The playground is exceptional with its zip line, my children have enjoyed playing and I have enjoyed hearing their laughter. We have had the pleasure of being coached here since 2010. The park is clean and well-maintained.”

A map of Shadow Mountain Park in Moreno Valley, California
A map of Shadow Mountain Park on Google Earth

Shadow Mountain Park Playground

Renovated in 2019, the playground is multiple times better. The surface is grass, which I have not seen after blogging about 80 parks! There are some benches for parents to sit on, but there is no shade or tables.

Shadow Mountain Park Playground has 2 zip lines, each 100 feet long. There is a little ramp to walk off, and you will be standing on a little platform on the zip line. This became an instant hit when the new playground opened a few years ago.

The zip lines and playground at Shadow Mountain Park
The two zip lines

As for the rest of the playground, there are numerous tall slides, bridges, a rock climbing wall, a little parkour course, ladders, smaller slides, and games. There are also 3 classic swings, 3 bucket swings (for younger kids), and 2 chair swings. Shadow Mountain Park Playground is accessible because of these ramps and chair swings!

Shadow Mountain Park in Moreno Valley, California
The playground

I recommend going during one of the least crowded times so you can have the zip line all to yourself. There are so many reviews on Google that say there are lines and kids cutting.

The playground at Shadow Mountain Park in Moreno Valley
Shadow Mountain Park Playground

Here is some more information about Shadow Mountain Park from Joseph Lamorie: “Can be very crowded but the people that do come here are a lot more calm and friendly than some of the parks in the area. It is a gated park, which is nice; it’s a lot easier to keep an eye on kids. You can get up and close with the donkeys. There is a zip line that kids love, too.”

The playground in Shadow Mountain Park in Riverside County
Another view of the playground

You can tell why this is one of my favorite parks!

Address: 23680 Presidio Hills Dr, Moreno Valley, CA 92557

Hours: Open 24 hours daily

Coordinates: 33.977928, -117.257663

Have any pictures? Email them to

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