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Southbridge Park - Everything to Know

Updated: Aug 14

Southbridge Park is a 10-acre park located in Littleton, Colorado. With 4 soccer fields, a small baseball field, a basketball court, and a playground, it’s a perfect place to enjoy a sunny day or spend time with the kids. With a combination of deciduous and evergreen trees, you’ll always have access to shade and a great view; you can even have a nice, quiet picnic.

Southbridge Park playground at Southbridge Park in Littleton, Colorado
Southbridge Park playground

The baseball field has a bench and shade for the players, but parents will likely need to bring their own seats (there are only two benches for watchers). There are a couple of trees that can be used for shade. The dirt part of the field measures 150 feet from the fence to the outfield.

aThere is another place to hit baseballs on the north side of the park, and it is all grass.

The soccer fields h aave goalposts and painted lines ready to go for part of the year. Southbridge Park can be crowded because of these games.

The soccer fields at Southbridge Park in Littleton, Colorado
The soccer fields at Southbridge Park

The concrete walking path is 1,200 feet long and takes you along the houses and the backside of Southbridge Park. There are lots of trees that will allow for a happy walk in the park, or a walk with your dog. A few benches exist, and there are some trash cans - so don’t litter. If you want a better view of a reservoir, head over to Writers Vista Park a few blocks away.

The parking lot has 26 spaces and 2 handicapped spaces, enough for a soccer game or two worth of people. The lot is located on the northeastern side.

Southbridge Park in Littleton, Colorado, and its soccer fields, baseball field, and playground
Southbridge Park on Google Earth

The Playground

The cool colors of the playground are aesthetically pleasing to both children and adults. Some of the items in the Southbridge Park playground include 6 slides, a firepole, drums, and a lot of rope walls and net climbers. Kids love this park because there is so much to do, and it is better than most parks.

There are 4 swings in total, with one being for small children and a second being for toddlers.

The playground surface is made out of rubber, which is so much better than sand or wood chips.

Unfortunately, there is only one bathroom here, which is a porta-potty. It’s under a shade cover so it won’t get too hot in the summer. Hopefully, the city can get a real bathroom (and a well-maintained one) soon.

Southbridge Park and its playground, baseball field, and grass field in Littleton, Colorado.
Southbridge Park in Littleton, Colorado. Picture from Google Earth.

Address: 7791 S Windermere St, Littleton, CO 80120

Hours: 6 AM-11 PM daily

Coordinates: 39.576559, -105.007457

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