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Walnut Hills Park - Centennial

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Walnut Hills Park is a small park in the middle of Centennial, Colorado. It may be small, but it is a quiet and relaxing park with its creek, playground, tennis courts, basketball hoop, Disc Golf, and green space. It’s also perfect for sledding down in the winter!

A map Walnut Hills Park in Centennial, Colorado
Walnut Hills Park map on Google Earth

The video above is of Colt and his owner playing catch in the park. It's so beautiful if you visit in the winter!

The best place to park (and it’s really not that great) is along East Davies Avenue. You’ll see a little walkway that is 200 feet long that then passes over Little Dry Creek. You can also walk in from the western or eastern sides of the park - South Uinta Street and South Xanthia Street, respectively.

The entrance to Walnut Hills Park in Centennial, Colorado
The best entrance

Up first is the basketball hoop. It will be on the left just after crossing the footbridge. It’s very simple: there’s a free throw line and a three-point line on concrete. The court isn’t large enough for a game, but it is perfect for a game of Horse.

Walnut Hills Park basketball court in Arapahoe County
Walnut Hills Park basketball court

There are a few (9) Disc Golf Baskets for a game of Disc Golf. Be careful not to hit anyone sitting on the grass. This course is best for experienced players because there are too many people (like at the playground) that can get hit by a bad throw. The course is confusing to follow, too.

The Disc Golf course in Walnut Hills Park, Centennial
The Disc Golf course

The walk from South Uinta Street to the playground is 0.26 miles. The walk from South Xanthia Street to the playground is 0.16 miles. You’ll walk along Little Dry Creek and some benches if you want to sit and watch the stream. If the name is correct, the stream may be dry during parts of the year.

The west entrance to Walnut Hills Park in Centennial
The west entrance

The east entrance to Walnut Hills Park in Centennial
The east entrance

Behind the Walnut Hills Park Playground is an open green space. It’s on a slope, so games will be difficult to play. A picnic can work just fine, though. If some people are playing Disc Golf, they are at risk of getting hit. Be careful!

The green space in Walnut Hills Park, Centennial
The green area

Jay Buerger says that this is "One of the best south east suburban parks around. Frisbee course, mini amphitheater, walking paths, tennis courts and snow sledding hills make it a great place to be with friends and family."

Walnut Hills Park Playground

Unfortunately, there is no bathroom in the park. There is a covered shelter with 4 tables, and a few picnic tables scattered near the playground. There are dog bag dispensers here, so pick up after your dog!

The playground in Walnut Hills Park in Centennial, south of Denver
The older playground

In the middle of the Walnut Hills Park Playground is a boulder that your kids can climb. The ground is wood chips. Wear shoes!

There are 4 swings in total. 2 are traditional, and 2 are for young children.

One playground is for younger children and the other is for older children. But they can use whichever they want.

The smaller playground has 3 small slides and some games like tic-tac-toe. There is also a spring rider (the horses).

Walnut Hills Park playground in Centennial
The younger playground and shelter

The larger playground has monkey bars, a net to climb, stairs, a swirly slide, and a ladder.

The playground is pretty simple but will keep your kids busy for a while. Make sure to show them the creek!

Walnut Hills Tennis Courts

The Walnut Hills Tennis Courts are just west of South Uinta Street and next to Walnut Hills Elementary School. There are two tennis courts with some shade in the middle. Bring your own balls and racquet!

Walnut Hills Park Tennis Courts near Hunters Hill Park
Walnut Hills Park Tennis Courts

There is also a mini amphitheater if you walk a little bit farther.

Hunters Hill Park

Hunters Hill Park is only 0.20 miles to the south. It has a couple of multipurpose fields, a treehouse-themed playground, and a couple of tennis courts plus a pool for local residents (no private access). It's less walkable than Walnut Hills Park, but the playground is definitely worth checking out.

Address: 8443 E Davies Ave, Centennial, CO 80112

Hours: 6 AM - 11 PM

Coordinates: 39.589307, -104.890262

Nearby Parks and Locations: Ketring Park, Sterne Park, Redstone Park, Timberline Park, Kistler Park, David A Lorenz Regional Park, Arapaho Park, Bega Park, McLellan Reservoir, Geneva Park,, and many more!

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