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Willow Creek Park - Centennial

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Willow Creek Park is located in Centennial, Colorado, and has 2 soccer fields, 2 baseball fields, and a playground. There are also 5 tennis courts and a 10-foot pool next door at Willow Creek Hoa 3 Clubhouse. The playground is one of the best in Centennial, as you can tell in the video below.

A map of Willow Creek Park in Centennial, Colorado
A map of Willow Creek Park on Google Earth

Andrea Bohney's cute dog is swimming around Willow Creek; it's not very shallow like you would think!

We’ll start by talking about the parking situation. There is some street parking on East Mineral Drive, but the majority of the parking is in the parking lot. The parking lot is on the south side of the park just off of East Phillips Circle. The lot has more than 75 spaces and 3 handicapped spots. That adds up to over 100 spots, which should be enough for most days.

The main parking lot in Willow Creek Park, Arapahoe County
The main parking lot

The two soccer fields are next to East Mineral Drive on the western side. They are 340 feet long but can vary from year to year. These fields are meant for older ages. Younger kids can still play, but they’ll be playing on an abnormally large field (or a smaller field within the painted field).

The soccer fields at Willow Creek Park in Centennial
The multipurpose fields

You will see a metal fence off to the side where you can play some baseball without the balls rolling far away.

The two baseball fields are right next to the parking lot. Each field has 2 3-row bleachers - they have no shade. There are also trash cans and recycling bins, so don’t litter. Each dugout has a bench and good shade. There is no “home run fence” in the back of the outfield.

The two baseball fields in Willow Creek Park, Centennial
The 2 baseball fields

You can see in the picture below that there is a football field, so the fields can vary from year to year.

The football field at Willow Creek Park in Centennial, Colorado
The football field

Willow Creek (which Willow Creek Park is named after) is on the back side of the park. A sidewalk runs along it for miles. There are lots of trees here, plus a trail on the other side of the creek.

The sidewalk that goes througout Willow Creek Park in Centennial
The sidewalk going through the park

The sidewalk running from the playground to the street parking area is 0.31 miles. The sidewalk along the street will add another 0.41 miles. It’s a short walk for a nice, relaxing view. Toward the tennis courts, there will be a bridge going over the creek.

The hiking trail next to Willow Creek at Willow Creek Park
The hiking trail next to Willow Creek

Behind the baseball fields toward the creek are some bathrooms. Not very convenient for people watching baseball, soccer, or football games, but convenient for people walking through the park. There are also drinking fountains around here.

Because there are so many trees in the park, it is easy to have a picnic. You can even hear the water flow past in Willow Creek.

Thursday is the busiest day in Willow Creek Park; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are the best days to go. As for specific times, 6 PM is the most crowded Monday through Thursday, and 2 PM is the most active time Friday through Sunday. Before 4 PM is the best time to visit on the weekdays. Before 10 AM or after 4 PM are the best times to go on the weekends.

One review sums it up well: "It's a beautiful park with lots of options! Lots of green grass with soccer nets, tennis courts, walking paths, 2 playgrounds for toddlers & older children, covered picnic tables, and lots of mature trees for shade on warmer days!"

Willow Creek Park Playground

Before we talk about the playground, there is something called the Little Free Library. It’s a place where you put a book in this little box and you can take one out. Kids love it because there is a wide variety of books. Parents love them because they’re free!

The Little Free Library book exchange in Willow Creek Park, Centennial
The Little Free Library book exchange

Willow Creek Park Playground has a wide variety of things, which is the reason why I love this park so much. There’s shade from a shelter and 4 picnics in the back of the playground, plus some benches.

Willow Creek Park Playground in Centennial, Colorado
Willow Creek Park Playground

There are big slides, small slides, tube slides, and swirly slides. There’s an obstacle course (my personal favorite) with some ropes and monkey bars. Next to the obstacle course are swings for every type of person. There are traditional swings, baby swings, and handicap-accessible swings.

The tennis courts at Willow Creek Park in Centennial, Colorado
The tennis courts next to the playground

My next favorite thing in this playground is the net climbing cone; it spins, too. It’s more than 10 feet tall!

The playground flooring has a little bit of rubber, but it is mostly wood chips. Make sure that you and your children wear shoes (splinters are bad).

The pool at Willow Creek Park in Centennial, Colorado
The pool next to Willow Creek Park

One playground is for younger children, and the other is for older children. They can use whichever one they want, though.

There are some dog bag dispensers. Clean up after them!

Address: 8000 E Phillips Cir, Centennial, CO 80112

Hours: 10 AM - 7 PM daily

Coordinates: 39.570895, -104.898786

Nearby Parks and Locations: Hunters Hill Park, Geneva Park, Ketring Park, Bega Park, Timberline Park, Bowles Grove Park, David A Lorenz Regional Park, Gallup Park, Writers Vista Park, McLellan Reservoir, and dozens more!

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