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We started Bryotic Worlds with one goal in mind: giving people an easy way to offset their carbon emissions. Because 100% of our profits go towards advertising, we will be able to grow very quickly.  We also plant one extra tree for every dollar spent because we need to stop, and eventually reverse, the ecological devastation happening to our Earth.

We work with businesses to offset their carbon footprint and to plant thousands of trees. If a business pays $15,000 a year to Bryotic Worlds, we will be able to offset many times more tons because of advertising. An example is turning $20 into $100 in a year; offsetting one ton will indirectly offset 4 more. Not only are you helping to save the Earth, you can increase your profits tremendously. The vast majority of people want to stop climate change and reforest the Earth.

We decided to pay $30 per referral because it is an extra incentive to spread the word. Two people offset more carbon than one person!

A picture of Cracker Lake with turquoise water and steep mountains
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