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What You Need To Know

1. What is Bryotic Worlds?

We are a company that offsets carbon emissions for both individuals and businesses so you can be carbon neutral. We partner with businesses in order to reduce their carbon footprints that will have a massive impact on the environment.

2. Where does your profit go?

After expenses such as taxes and website-related costs, 100% (yep, 100%) of our profit goes into advertising to ensure that we grow as fast as possible. There is no time to waste in saving the planet!

3. What is the average carbon footprint?

According to CoolClimate Network, the average carbon footprint of a person living in the United States is roughly 18 tons. This number can vary greatly due to things like cars, electricity consumption, and food.

4. What organizations do you donate to?

We currently donate to Eden Reforestation Projects, SolarAid, and Well Done Foundation. As we continue to grow, we will be able to partner with more organizations.

5.  What are the rewards for referring new users?

We will pay $30 for every user that signs up! People with large following can make thousands of dollars, and you don’t have to be a Bryotic World user to make money. You can read more about referrals here.

6. Where did the name Bryotic Worlds come from?

It is a combination of Bryan (founder) and the biotic world which we are on a mission to protect.


7. Do the 20 trees/month count towards offsetting emissions?

Nope! These are extra trees being planted as a promotion. You are offsetting much more than one ton of carbon dioxide. 

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