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Hotels and Lodges in Sámara, Costa Rica - The Ultimate Guide

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Sámara, Costa Rica is a beautiful beach village in Guanacaste Province. It’s well known for its main beach, Playa Samara. Palm trees and forests lead up to the sandy and rockless beaches where people will be sunbathing, swimming, or snorkeling. The town itself is surrounded by lush forests and hills, with more mountains very close. For both Costa Ricans and international travelers, this place is paradise on Earth.

Samara, Costa Rica hotels and lodges
The beach at Samara, Costa Rica

We’ll start off by talking more about Playa Sámara, where there are many hotels and lodges bordering it. Samara Beach is 1.8 miles (2.9 kilometers) long, bordering all of Bahía Sámara (Samara Bay). The entire beach has clean white sand. Some rocks are present at the ends of the beach, but not many people will recreate in these two areas. During low tide, the beach can be 400 feet (122 meters) from the palm trees to the water. This creates a unique experience but can create more of a hassle. Many people will swim, sunbathe, or snorkel in the bay. Some people will surf if the waves are big enough.

Snorkeling is common in Bahía Sámara. If you travel a few hundred feet to the west to Cangrejal, there will be a reef that attracts stingrays and many species of tropical fish. Unfortunately, there are many rocks that extend from the shoreline out into the bay, so be extremely cautious where you are sightseeing.

Playa Samara, Costa Rica hotels and lodges
Playa Samara, Costa Rica

Isla Chora (Chora Island) and Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre - Isla Chora (Chora Island Wildlife Refuge) have pink sand and protect many marine birds. This is located on the eastern side of Playa Sámara. To the west, past Cangrejal, there is a beach called Playa Buena Vista. It is a sea turtle nesting site! The estuary homes are unfortunately home to crocodiles, so don’t wander off to areas that you don’t know about.

Some points of interest around Samara and Playa Samara are Belen Waterfall, La Roca Waterfall (both of which aren’t anything extraordinary), Camaronal National Wildlife Refuge, Puerto Carrillo, and Nosara. The town of Nosara, Costa Rica is only 11 miles (18 kilometers) away from Sámara and also has its own beach! Liberia International Airport, also known as Guanacaste Airport and Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport, is a 2.5-hour drive away from Sámara. This is likely the best option for international travelers. San José, the capital of Costa Rica, is a 4.5-hour drive from Sámara. You can take a public bus or rent your own car if you want more freedom to travel. None of Costa Rica’s 29 national parks are near Sámara.

Hotels and lodges in Samara, Costa Rica
An amazing Samara sunset

There are plenty of hotels and lodges in Sámara, Costa Rica, including many next to white beaches, some surrounded by dense jungles and forests, and others in beautiful towns nearby. The options listed below are separated by luxury, moderately priced, and cheap. Unlike some other towns in Costa Rica, there are dozens of great options to choose from. Prices can range from $25 to $550 a night during the wet season (May - November), and $25 to more than $600 a night in the dry season (December - April) if you are interested in the beautiful Locanda Samara Beach Hotel. Some amenities include a pool, free breakfast, bars and lounges, a restaurant, a wonderful view of the beach and diverse forests, a balcony, and much more!

Hotel Giada on Samara Beach, Costa Rica is moderately priced, and prices will usually start at $85 a night for most of the year. It has two swimming pools, an airport shuttle, a balcony, and dozens of beautiful plants.

Hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo is next to Samara, Costa Rica, and is also known as Paraiso Cocodrilo Lodge - Spirit of Nature. It has an outdoor swimming pool, an airport shuttle, is located on the beachfront, has a bar, and has excellent breakfast.

Samara hotels and lodges in Costa Rica
Samara Beach next to the village of Samara

Hotel El Pequeño Gecko Verde is also next to Samara, Costa Rica. It has two swimming pools that are surrounded by palm trees and other trees that make it feel like you are in a jungle! It also has a bar, is close to the beach, and has a patio, terrace, and garden. Hotel El Pequeno Gecko Verde is one of my favorite hotels and lodges in Sámara.

The Hideaway Hotel in Sámara, Costa Rica is two miles (5 kilometers) to the east of the main part of the village. This is a different hotel than the Hideaway Hotel in Rio Celeste. Like many other hotels and lodges in Samara, there is an outdoor swimming pool, airport shuttle, a bar, and a patio, terrace, picnic area, and garden.

Samara Hotels and Lodges - Luxury

Samara Hotels and Lodges - Moderately Priced

Samara Hotels and Lodges - Cheap

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Hotels Playa Samara Costa Rica
The relaxing town of Sámara, Costa Rica

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