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Hotels and Lodges in Tortuguero, Costa Rica - The Ultimate Guide

Updated: May 9

Tortuguero is on the edge, and basically surrounded, by Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica. The national park covers over 77,000 acres and 22 miles (35 kilometers), most of which is in the ocean! As the name implies, there are plenty of turtles on the beaches. Tortuguero Beach is the most vital beach in the Western Hemisphere for the endangered green turtle (tens of thousands of them arrive every year between June and October). Not only is this the nesting site for the green turtle, but loggerhead, giant leatherback, and hawksbill turtles will nest here as well. The 250 inches of rain every year gives rise to its large amount of diversity, similar to Sarapiqui. An entry ticket will cost $32.

Tortuguero hotels and lodges near Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica
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There are plenty of hotels and lodges in Tortuguero, Costa Rica, next to the beaches, on the peninsulas, and near the Tortuguero Airport (the only way to get here is to take a boat or plane). The options listed below are separated by luxury, moderately priced, and budget. Fortunately, there are good choices in each of the categories. Prices can range from $25 to $500 a night during the summer, and $25 to more than $600 a night in the winter. Some amenities include free breakfast, a restaurant, a pool, 3 bar/lounges, laundry services, a coffee shop, and so much more.

Tortuguero Hotels - Luxury

Tortuguero Hotels - Moderately Priced

Tortuguero Hotels - Budget

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Lodging and hotels in Tortuguero, Costa Rica
The town of Tortuguero

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