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Redstone Park - Everything to Know

Updated: Jun 3

Redstone Park is a massive 53-acre park in Highlands Ranch with multiple sports fields, a skate park, a playground, tennis courts, baseball fields, picnic tables, batting cages, barbeque grills, a fishing pond, and more. This is one of the most popular recreational centers in Arapahoe County with dozens of visitors every week. We’ll talk in-depth about everything in this park.

A map of Redstone Park in Highlands Ranch, Colorado
A map of Redstone Park

We’ll start off with the 4 soccer fields, one of which is smaller than the others. These fields are located on the eastern side of the park. A larger parking lot is on the western side of the fields (which may be more crowded due to more fields over there), and a small one on the eastern side. Field #4 is on the western side.


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The soccer fields at Redstone Park
The soccer fields at Redstone Park

The fields at Redstone Park
The fields at Redstone Park

The parking lot on the eastern side has 88 spaces, 4 of which are handicapped spaces. There is also a drop-off and pick-up area on the right side. From this parking lot, you can also get to Lebsack Tennis Center.

The eastern parking lot in Redstone Park, Highlands Ranch
Eastern parking lot

Redstone Park address: 3280 Redstone Park Cir, Littleton, CO 80129

Lebsack Tennis Center

Lebsack Tennis Center in Redstone Park has 8 tennis courts. When I say that this park is massive, I mean it. At the main building here, there are some bathrooms and tables with shade. These tables only allow you to see the closest court or two.

Lebsack Tennis Courts in Redstone Park, Highlands Ranch
Lebsack Tennis Courts

In between all of the tennis courts is a walkway where you can sit down at some benches - I would recommend bringing your own chair because there are very few spots available. There are lights at each court, so people can play during any time.

Lebsack Tennis Center at Redstone Park, Colorado
The tables at Lebsack Tennis Center

The courts can be reserved online, and will be open year-round. Lebsack Tennis Center is a popular place for USTA League play, practice, and just to have fun. Families and players alike will be able to have lots of fun here.

The tennis courts at Lebsack Tennis Center, Redstone Park
The tennis courts

Lebsack Tennis Center address: 9325 Foothills Canyon Blvd, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129, USA

Lebsack Tennis Center in Redstone Park
Another picture of the Lebsack Tennis Center

Rover’s Run at Redstone Park

Rover’s Run at Redstone Park is a 6-acre sandy dog park, no leash necessary. There are three benches out in the sun. You should still put on some sunscreen because there is no shade whatsoever. There are 2 water fountains for dogs to drink from.

Rover's Run at Redstone Park, Highlands Ranch
Rover's Run at Redstone Park

The sand will allow your dog to dig holes without you having to worry. Keep an eye on your dog because some dogs can be aggressive.

The least busy time will be a couple hours before sunset. The busiest time is in the late morning and early afternoon.

Rover's Run at Redstone Park, Arapahoe County
Rover's Run at Redstone Park

Both parking lots on the western side can only be accessed through West Town Center Drive. One parking lot (next to the Redstone Skate Park) has 215 spaces and 5 handicapped spaces, and the other has over 300 spots and 5 handicapped spots. Next to the larger parking lot is the Halftime Help Stadium, so this parking lot could be full when a football game is going on.

The entrance to Redstone Park in Arapahoe County
The entrance to Redstone Park

The parking lot next to Halftime Help Stadium in Redstone Park
The parking lot next to Halftime Help Stadium

Here, there are 4 baseball fields, one of which is for younger kids. In the middle of all of them is the Grand Slam Snacks Concessions. It is typically closed in the winter, but no sports are played in winter here.

The baseball fields at Redstone Park
One of the baseball fields

Grand Slam Snacks Concessions has plenty of options to choose from, including candy, drinks, food, and snacks. The nachos and snow cones are my favorite. There will be a delay in receiving some items because they need to make it (like the frito pie).

There are 3 bleachers next to each baseball field, but no shade. The players in their dugouts will have shade, fortunately. Every field has lights so they can play at night. They do not stay on, however, when there are no games happening.

Next to the small baseball field to the southeast are 6 multipurpose fields. They are smaller than regular soccer fields, but perfect for younger kids. Lacrosse or flag football can be played here, and is just next to a parking lot. Each of the fields have numbers on them so you don’t get lost. The fields may be grass, but the temperature in the summer can be hot - bring your own umbrellas and chairs.

Multipurpose fields at Redstone Park
Multipurpose fields

Redstone Park Batting Cages

To get to the Redstone Park Batting Cages (also called Batter Up!), turn right after you enter the park from West Town Center Drive. There are 6 cages in total. They only charge $1.50 for each round, which has 16 pitches. You can also rent a cage for an hour for $35. A season pass will cost you $185.

Redstone Park Batting Cages in Arapahoe County, Colorado
Redstone Park Batting Cages

The batting cages will close around sunset, but the opening times aren’t great. On the weekdays, it opens at 5 PM. On Saturday and Sunday, they open at 12 PM and 1 PM, respectively. Kids from all around Highlands Ranch and Littleton come here to have fun.

Redstone Park Batting Cages address: 3280 Redstone Park Cir. Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

Redstone Park Batting Cages in Highlands Ranch
Redstone Park Batting Cages

The busiest days are Tuesday and Saturday; the least busy days are Monday, Friday, and Sunday. As for specific times, the most crowded hour is 6 PM on weekdays and 1 PM on weekends. The least crowded times are the mornings for weekdays (before 3 PM) and the evening after sunset. It may be difficult to go to a park if your kids are still in school, unfortunately.

Scott Darby says, "Redstone is one of the nicest parks we've visited in the area for little kids. There are 3 separate play structures for different ages, several swings, a nice duck pond, picnic areas, and even a skatepark and various athletic fields."

Halftime Help Stadium

Located at the western end of Redstone Park next to the Metro District Parks and Recreation Office, the Halftime Help Stadium is home to 4 high schools. Soccer and football are played here, and the football games can get very crowded - even with the huge bleachers there.

Halftime Help Stadium in Redstone Park, Highlands Ranch
Halftime Help Stadium

On the southside of the stadium, there are some solar panels to keep your car cool in the summer heat. Unfortunately, the bleachers will be facing the sun as it sets. Make sure you bring some sunglasses so you can see what’s happening on the field. The Rocky Mountains are visible from the stadium!

All of the overlapping lines can be confusing, especially for soccer players. At nighttime, there are bright lights that will light up the field. The concession stand has some good snacks that aren’t very expensive.

Entry fees to Halftime Help Stadium are good and even cheaper for students (they get discounts). There are no tracks around the field, which are frequently used by high schoolers. This means that the bleachers are closer to the field.

The bathrooms are said to be clean, but things can get pretty bad after a football game.

Halftime Help Stadium address: 3270 Redstone Park Cir, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

Redstone Skate Park

Redstone Skate Park is a half-acre course that is open for most of the day (8 AM - 9 PM from March to October). From November to February, the park is open from 9 AM - 4:30 PM. A fence surrounds the facility, and it is entirely concrete.

Redstone Skate Park in Redstone Park
Redstone Skate Park

There is “a beginners bowl, street skating and a snake run with an 8′ vertical bowl.” BMX bikes and scooters are allowed, too. Protective equipment, like helmets and knee pads, are recommended but are not required.

There is a baby bowl, which makes it less likely that beginners will get in your way - you will still need to be careful, though.

There are some trees and benches for when you need to take a break. The concrete can make things very hot in the summer.

The Redstone Skate Park can get very crowded since it is not large, so County Line BMX Track at David A Lorenz Regional Park may be better.

Redstone Skate Park address: 3280 Redstone Park Cir, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

Redstone Park Playground

Redstone Park Playground is located in between Redstone Skate Park and Paul’s Pond. This means that you and your kids will be able to watch the pond. The play area has a small fence around it to keep children safe. If you want a playground next to Mclellan Reservoir, visit Writers Vista Park.

Redstone Park Playground in Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Redstone Park Playground

There are two parts to the playground: one for younger kids, and one for older kids. There are two traditional swings, two toddler swings, and a large circular swing. There are five slides, four of which are on the older playground. There are benches, monkeybars, ladders, a sand pit, a rock climbing wall, stairs leading to the top of each structure, and more

This playground can get very crowded, as you can see in the picture above. I would rate this a 7 out of 10 because the playground is somewhat basic and there’s too many people.

Paul’s Pond

Last on our list is Paul’s Pond next to the Lebsack Tennis Center. As of right now, fishing is not allowed. There are some benches, a gazebo, trees, and a little pier around the pond. A sidewalk leads the entire way around and even has a little bridge. There may be a lot of people here, so your level of relaxation depends on the day you’re there.

Paul's Pond in Redstone Park, Highlands Ranch
Paul's Pond in Redstone Park. Photo by Joseph Traynor.

To sum everything up, there is something to do at Redstone Park for everyone. Kids can play at the playground, play soccer or baseball, skate, and the parents can take a nice walk around the pond. This is one of the best parks in Arapahoe County and will be for years to come

Paul's Pond at Redstone Park, Arapahoe County
Paul's Pond

Waterfowl in Paul's Pond in Redstone Park
Waterfowl in Paul's Pond

Redstone Park Hours: 5 AM - 11 PM daily

Coordinates: 39.547378, -105.029639

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