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Andulka Park, Riverside - Everything to Know

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Andulka Park is a 27-acre park located in Riverside, California. There are 10 tennis courts, 2 large playgrounds, 2 baseball fields, a full-service pro shop, 2 soccer fields, 2 volleyball courts, and 2 basketball courts. Follow along as we talk about all these things and more in this blog!

Andulka Park located in Riverside, California
Andulka Park

The video above from Mario Rodriguez shows just how beautiful the park can be!

Before we start, Andulka Park was named by Charles Roos to honor his wife Anne (it means Little Anne in Czechoslovakian). In 1979, the land used for this park was donated by the Roos family. Charles Roos was a physics professor at the University of California, Riverside.

The entire eastern side of the park is a parking lot. Take the turn at Chicago Avenue, or the one at the intersection of Chicago Avenue and Central Avenue. There are more than 200 spaces and 10 handicapped spots. At the end of this parking lot is a smaller one with another 50 spots. If there is a tournament happening, all of these spaces can be full. There is more parking in the nearby neighborhoods if needed.

The parking lot at Andulka Park in Riverside, California
The main parking lot

We’ll start with the tennis courts (known as iTennis Andulka Park). All of the courts are at the northern corner of Andulka Park and are in great shape. They have lights and fences. The bad thing is that there are covers on most of the fences so it will be difficult to watch some games. Bring your own chairs, too, since there is almost no seating. One tennis court has a lot of concrete seating and is likely where they play the more important games (like the finals).

The tennis courts at Andulka Park in Riverside, California
iTennis Andulka Park

Tennis lessons and leagues will constantly take place here. There are plenty of places to sign up! Four square and hopscotch games are painted next to the chalet.

Angelina Capraro says that these tennis courts are a “Great place to play tennis! I believe they offer 10 courts to play on. They have a little living room area inside the chalet, as well as restrooms inside. They offer snacks for energy. Lessons for tennis. Places to sit when watching someone play. I highly recommend this place.”

The two ballfields are at the southeastern corner of Andulka Park next to the parking lot. One field is 300 feet long and the other is 220 feet long. Because of this, this is a perfect field for older age groups. Neither of the fields have electronic scoreboards, but they do have outfield fences. They also have water fountains, a couple of pitching cages, dugouts that have benches and shade covers, and stadium lights to shine up the field during nighttime games.

The ballfields and full-service pro shop in Andulka Park
The baseball fields and the full-service pro shop

As for the people watching, they will have plenty of concrete seating - it’s not the best thing to sit on, so I recommend bringing a chair or some type of cushion.

The full-service pro shop is in between these two baseball (and softball) fields. They are able to do racquet stringing. In this same building are some clean restrooms most of the time. A little bit south of here is a gazebo with 3 picnic tables and 3 grills, a water fountain, and a trash can.

Next to the tennis courts are 2 full-sized basketball courts. They have all of the painted lines (three-pointers, free-throws, midcourt line, and out-of-bounds) along with some benches and lights. These lights will be on most nights so that you can play games whenever. These courts are popular, so nearby Bordwell Park may be the better option. There is also Sycamore Highlands Park. You can play a game of basketball above the entire Inland Empire and see 5 different mountain ranges.

The basketball courts at Andulka Park in Riverside County
The two basketball courts

Also here are the two sandy volleyball courts. There’s not much to describe about these except that they do not get shade (so going in a summer afternoon may burn your feet) and that they have sand! There are some shaded picnic tables close by if you need a break from the sun.

The volleyball courts at Andulka Park in Riverside, California
Two volleyball courts

There are two soccer fields east of the baseball fields. They are both about 300 feet long, so older age groups will play here. These fields also have stadium lights - once again, to play games after sunset. If you want to have some food before, during, or after the game, there are some tables right next to the field.

There are a total of 1.61 miles of walking trails in Andulka Park, most of which are concrete. One sidewalk goes around the entire park. You will see hundreds of trees along the way. Also, many of the picnic tables will have barbecues!

The shade shelter and picnic tables at Andulka Park
One of the shade shelters with tables

The Collective Moments is in Andulka Park, which is a parkour area.

Alexander Alonso says that this is “Such a beautiful park with all kinds of activities and sports fields, large open areas, playground for the kids, tennis courts, gazebos, and several trees with nightshades! I can’t believe I’ve lived in this area for over 30 years and never knew about this little gem!”

A map of Andulka Park in Riverside, California
A map of Andulka Park on Google Earth

Andulka Park Playground

The entire playground is made out of soft rubber to reduce injuries. There are plenty of benches and tables to relax while you watch your kids play; a gazebo is nearby with a picnic table. Although the park closes at 5 p.m., there are some lights nearby (Patterson Park is a couple of miles away but has a playground open 24 hours a day).

The playground at Andulka Park in Riverside, California
Andulka Park Playground

The larger Andulka Park Playground has a rock climbing wall, a jungle gym, multiple slides, monkey bars, a bridge, ladders, games, and a ramp. The ramps make this playground wheelchair accessible! Very few parks are this awesome.

Andulka Park Playground located in Riverside, California
The larger playground

The smaller playground has 3 slides, games, a bridge, a ladder, games, steps to jump between, and spring riders.

The handicap-accessible playground at Andulka Park in Riverside
The smaller playground

There are also 6 traditional swings and 2 chair swings. Even better, there is a splash pad with water sprayers that is basically a mini waterpark. Either don’t let your child see this or have them wear their bathing suit - they will really want to go here!

iTennis Andulka Park Address: 5051 Chicago Ave, Riverside, CA 92506

Hours: Opens 7:30 AM daily, closes 9:30 PM (Tuesday-Friday), 7 PM (Saturday-Sunday), and 10 PM (Monday)

Coordinates: 33.959442, -117.348393

Andulka Park Address: 5201 Chicago Ave, Riverside, CA 92507

Hours: 9 AM - 5 PM

Coordinates: 33.957531, -117.347393

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