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Patterson Park, Riverside - Everything to Know

Patterson Park is a small park located in Riverside, California. In these 4 acres are 2 playgrounds, a baseball field, a basketball court, and some bathrooms. We’ll talk about everything inside of this park in this blog.

A map of Patterson Park in Riverside, California
A map of Patterson Park on Google Earth

Riverside Community Health Foundation's video shows the mural on the bathrooms being painted. Go check it out!

There is a parking lot at the intersection of West Linden Street and Ottawa Avenue with over 50 spaces and 2 handicapped spots. If that lot is full, there is a lot of street parking along Ottawa Avenue and West Linden Street.

The parking lot at Patterson Park in Riverside, California
The main parking lot

We’ll start off with the baseball field, although this can be used for softball, too. It is on the eastern side of Patterson Park. From home base to the outfield fence is 200 feet. This distance is not as long as some fields, so younger age groups will play on this field. There are some houses just past the fence; I recommend not playing here if you can hit a home run.

The baseball field at Patterson Park in Riverside
The baseball field

Each dugout has a bench but no shade other than from nearby trees. As for the people watching, there are 10 rows of bleachers on each side and much less shade. I have not blogged about a park yet that has had this many rows of bleachers. Parents will probably not need to bring their own chairs for this reason. The entire ballfield has stadium lights to shine up the grass at night!

The basketball court is next to the parking lot. It is only half a court but has lines for three pointers, free throws, and mid-court shots. Riverside was nice enough to put a couple of benches here so you can relax after playing a game. There are also some lights so you can play at nighttime (Patterson Park is open 24 hours a day). Bring some sunscreen - there is no shade whatsoever.

The basketball court at Patterson Park in Riverside County, California
The basketball court

The restrooms are next to the playground. Unfortunately, the reviews online say they are in bad shape. Going to the bathroom before you leave your home is best. I have a feeling that this has changed, though, because there is an amazing mural on the side of the building. There is also a water fountain to get hydrated from in the summer.

The beautiful mural at Patterson Park in Riverside, California
The mural on the restrooms

There is a grill and trash cans next to the bathroom, but no picnic table for some reason. It may be because of the renovation.

One review reads, “My ultimate favorite park here in Riverside just for the ducks and the tank on display. They have a wondrous park for kids of all ages, and parents all gather here to talk and enjoy the beautiful day. It is always full of people and laughter. This is a great place to take your family.”

The last thing to talk about before the playground is the major renovation. There will be a full-length basketball court, splash pad, no more baseball field, 2 soccer fields, and 2 playgrounds with shade covers. The Riverside government says that “The grant will help pay for a new jogging/walking loop, two soccer fields, a full basketball court, six fitness nodes, a splash pad, a community plaza, a restroom/storage building, two playgrounds with shade, public art, a formal promenade, a decorative block wall, a perimeter fence, a pathway with lighting, a community plaza, and a fruit tree grove. The parking lot will also be renovated.”

The grant is $7,150,000, so the park will be massively improved. Hopefully, they build an awesome playground, too.

Patterson Park Playground

Patterson Park Playground has a wood chip surface with some benches to watch your kids from. There may be a little bit of shade from the trees, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Patterson Park Playground in Riverside, California
Patterson Park Playground

The larger playground is meant for older kids. This is based on skill; they can play on whichever one they want! The playground has a swirly fireman pole, a spiral slide, monkey bars, a bridge, regular slides, stairs, ladders, and a tunnel. There are also 4 traditional swings.

The playground at Patterson Park in Riverside, California
Another angle of the playground

The smaller Patterson Park Playground has regular slides, ladders, a tunnel, stairs, and 2 toddler bucket swings.

Address: 1846 W Linden St, Riverside, CA 92507

Hours: Open 24 hours a day

Coordinates: 33.979035, -117.352469

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