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Aspgren Park - Denver

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Aspgren Park is a 4-acre park in Denver, Colorado. It has a playground for younger children and a green space that contains a softball field and a soccer field. We’ll talk about everything in this park.

A map of Aspgren Park in Denver, Colorado
A map of Aspgren Park on Google Earth

Sean's video shows most of the park, including the playground, swings, and grassy area.

Aspgren Park is also known as Clifford Aspgren Park.

There is street parking on West Gill Place, South Lipan Street, West Exposition Avenue, and South Navajo Street. There are a few dozen spots in total; there is no parking lot.

The softball field is in the northeastern corner of the park - at the intersection of West Gill Place and South Lipan Street. It is entirely grass and has no bleachers, but it has a fence. It’s a great place to practice hitting baseballs or softballs.

The softball and baseball field at Aspgren Park, Colorado
The softball field

There is a little hill in this park that is used for sledding, so it’s very accessible to the surrounding community. There are also a lot of trees in this park.

The sledding hill in Aspgren Park, Colorado
A hill to go sledding down in the winter

The grassy area in the middle will sometimes have goalposts and painted lines for soccer. The field is pretty small, so it is mainly for younger kids.

The soccer field in Aspgren Park, Denver
The soccer field

Mara says the park has is "Small and quiet with lots of shade to walk or play with kids or dogs."

Aspgren Park Playground

The Aspgren Park Playground is rather simple (because it’s for younger ages). The ground is wood chips, so wear some shoes to avoid getting cuts or splinters. There’s also a trash can nearby, so don’t litter!

Aspgren Park Playground in Denver, Colorado
Aspgren Park Playground

Unfortunately, there are no benches at the playground and the park in general. Some trees provide shade for the parents, though.

The playground has a tube slide, a tunnel, a gear game, a rope ladder, 2 more regular slides, a fireman pole, monkey bars, and a spring rider.

Aspgren Park Playground in Denver, Colorado
Aspgren Park Playground

There is also a traditional swing and a bucket swing for babies.

Have a fun day at the park!

Address: 1201 W Exposition Ave, Denver, CO 80223

Hours: 5 AM - 11 PM

Coordinates: 39.704124, -105.002393

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