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Carbone Park - Littleton

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Unwind and recharge at Carbone Park - the perfect retreat. Along with a baseball field and a multipurpose field, there is the Lee Gulch Trail that takes you along a stream for miles. It’s a great way to connect with nature.

A map of Carbone Park in Littleton, Colorado
A map of Carbone Park on Google Earth

There's a little hill to go skiing or sledding down during the winter, which is shown in Jenn Amann's video.

The best places to park are along Meadowbrook Circle (which only allows outside of 8 AM - 4 PM Monday through Friday) and the parking lot along South Gallup Street. South Gallup Street is next to Heritage High School and Heritage High School - Tennis Courts. You could also park in the Runyon Elementary School parking lot.

The parking lot next to Carbon Park in Littleton, Colorado
Runyon Elementary School's parking lot

The multipurpose field - there could be more than one at any given time - is in the outfield of the ballfield. Both of these fields are at the northeastern corner of Carbone Park next to the elementary school.

The fields and Lee Gulch Trail at Carbone Park in Littleton
The multipurpose fields

The baseball field only has a fence behind home plate. There are no bleachers or dugouts, but there is a little bit of shade. Mostly young children will play games here.

As for the multipurpose field, almost anything can be played here including soccer, football, and lacrosse.

Please be aware that the Littleton Public School District gets exclusive rights to schedule all usage of the athletic fields during their school hours. These fields are only available to the public when school is not in session. It makes sense since this is in the “backyard” of Runyon Elementary School.

Lee Gulch Trail going through Carbone Park in Littleton
Lee Gulch Trail

There are about 0.80 miles of trails in Carbone Park. The Lee Gulch Trail continues northwest for a few miles and passes Ashbaugh Park (which we talk about below), Charley Emley Park, and Ridgewood Park. The trail also goes for southeast miles through Horseshoe Park. There will be a lot of trees on this walk - and it’s very popular for biking!

Lee Gulch Trail running through Carbone Park in Littleton
Lee Gulch Trail

Enjoy your day at Carbone Park!

The Carbone Park sign in Littleton, Colorado
The Carbone Park sign

Ashbaugh Park

Ashbaugh Park is only half a mile away. It has a pond, numerous trees, and a bench. The scenic beauty of this park will take your breath away - especially in the winter. You will likely have this entire park to yourself, so it’s one of the most peaceful parks in Littleton. I highly recommend it!

Address: 7455 S Elati St, Littleton, CO 80120

Hours: 6 AM - 11 PM

Coordinates: 39.584747, -105.000471

Nearby Parks and Locations: James A Taylor Park, Willow Creek Park, Berry Park, Timberline Park, Bowles Grove Park, Gallup Park, Cherry Knolls Park, and so many more!

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