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James A. Taylor Park - Littleton

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

James A. Taylor Park is a 5-acre park that has a shelter and plenty of green space. It is named after James A. Taylor, who served for 14 years on the South Suburban Parks and Recreation Board of Directors.

A map of James A Taylor Park in Littleton, Colorado
A map of James A Taylor Park on Google Earth

This video from Debbie shows a couple of dogs playing together next to the baseball field.

The best place to park is along South Meade Street. There will be plenty of spots for anyone wanting to visit the park.

On the western side of the park (along South Meade Street), there is a sidewalk leading to a shaded shelter. There is a picnic table and a couple of benches. You’ll see a trashcan here, so please don’t litter!

The shaded shelter, tables, benches, and garden at James A Taylor Park
The shaded shelter and garden

You’ll see a sign about the park being named after James Taylor and a memorial of Ginny’s Garden. It reads “In memory of Virginia L. Pings Taylor, April 17, 2000.” There are lots of pretty flowers here underneath some trees.

The James A Taylor Park sign in Littleton, Colorado
The James Taylor Park sign

The grassy space in James A Taylor Park is perfect for playing games like football or soccer. Because there are no fields or playgrounds, there will be few people here - that means fewer people interrupting your games!

The green space at James A Taylor Park in Littleton, Colorado
The green space

One review says, "Serene and cozy place with wide open grassy ground. Good place for picnics, for families, and to take your pets out for a walk. No car parking area, only street parking. No washrooms."

Address: 5120 S Meade St, Littleton, CO 80123

Hours: 6 AM - 11 PM

Coordinates: 39.624684, -105.039699

Harlow Park

Harlow Park is just across the street. There are 2 baseball and softball fields, a basketball court, 3 multipurpose fields, 4 tennis courts, a pool, and a playground. Harlow Park is unique because there is a pool - you don’t see this very often in Littleton.

Harlow Park and its baseball field in Littleton, Colorado
Harlow Park

A perfect day could involve swimming in the pool and then having a picnic at James A Taylor Park!

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