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Berry Park - Littleton, Colorado

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Berry Park is a small 3-acre park located in Littleton, Colorado. It has a small playground, a multipurpose field, parking, 2 memorial statues, and a shelter with a picnic table and shade. It’s a great park due to its close proximity to neighborhoods. We’ll talk about everything there is to know about Berry Park.

A map of Berry Park in Littleton, Colorado
A map of Berry Park in Littleton

First off is the parking. There is a parking lot at the intersection of West Berry Avenue and South Julian Street (the eastern side of the park). It has 10 spots and 1 handicapped spot. This is why it is easiest to walk to the park if football or soccer is going on.

The main parking lot at Berry Park, Littleton
The main parking lot

There is a sidewalk that goes through the entire park; it’s 0.22 miles long. It goes from the parking lot to the 2 memorial statues and passes next to everything in the park.

The sidewalk going through Berry Park in Littleton, Colorado
The sidewalk leading through the park

There are some trees that provide shade in the park. The only benches are at the playground and the memorials.

The multipurpose field can be around 200 feet long. Both football and soccer are played here. When there aren’t games happening, anyone can play just about anything. Berry Park is narrow (130 feet wide), so baseball may not be the best idea.

The multipurpose field and green space in Berry Park, Littleton
The multipurpose field


The two memorials are on the western end of Berry Park, across the street.

One of the memorials (the Danny Dietz Memorial) is dedicated to a member of the Navy SEALs. He, along with 2 others, was killed during a mission in Afghanistan in 2005.

The Danny Dietz Memorial and Operation Red Wings Memorial in Berry Park
The two memorials in Berry Park

The second memorial is dedicated to those who lost their lives in Operation Red Wings. Also known as the Battle of Abbas Ghar, it started on June 28, 2005, and ended shortly after in July. 19 Americans were killed, 11 of whom were Navy SEALs. They were able to kill 35 Taliban.

There are a couple of benches here so you can pay your respect.

Berry Park Playground

There is no permanent bathroom in the park, but there is a porta potty next to the playground.

Also next to the playground is a covered shelter with three picnic tables. This is a perfect spot to have lunch.

The playground was recently renovated and now has rubber flooring instead of wood chips. This makes the playground much more accessible.

There is 1 traditional swing and 1 chair (handicap-accessible) swing.

There are playhouses, a roller table, a pyramid net, a slide, and games. It is a small yet exciting playground for young kids. If you want more slides, Gallup Park will have plenty (and it’s right next to a lake).

I personally love the colors of the playground. It looks alive and catches your eye, rather than looking run-down like so many other playgrounds in Colorado.

If you are looking for a better playground, I recommend Redstone Park. It has a pond right next to it, plus batting cages, a skate park, tennis courts, and multiple fields.

Bowles Grove Park

Bowles Grove Park is just one block to the east. It has a baseball field, a couple of multipurpose fields, green space, and a fishing pond. Bowles Grove Pond has multiple types of fish, so it can make for a fun trip with the kids. It's also a great place to take a walk or bike ride!

Bowles Grove Pond in Bowles Grove Park, Littleton
The pond at Bowles Grove Park

Address: 3400 W Berry Ave, Littleton, CO 80123

Hours: 6 AM - 11 PM

Coordinates: 39.616850, -105.031609

Nearby Parks and Locations: Bega Park, Ketring Park, Redstone Park, Geneva Park, Kistler Park, David A Lorenz Regional Park, Arapaho Park, Writers Vista Park, McLellan Reservoir, Southbridge Park, and dozens more!

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