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Gallup Park - Littleton, Colorado

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Gallup Park is located between Ketring Park and Sterne Park in Littleton, Colorado. It is a 7-acre park with a playground, 2 soccer fields, a baseball field, 4 tennis courts, and an extra grassy area. I recommend visiting both Gallup Park and Ketring Park because the first is fun and the second is relaxing with its lake.

Gallup Park, Littleton map on Google Earth
Gallup Park map on Google Earth

The video above from Dan Luebcke shows one of the soccer fields in October. These games happen for a majority of the year.

We’ll start off by talking about parking. There is a parking lot on the northern side of the park (next to Gallup Gardens), 2 on the western side (one next to the baseball field and another next to Galilee South Community Church), and more parking along the street on the eastern side.

The main parking lot at Gallup Park in Littleton, Colorado
The main parking lot

Although there are dozens of parking spaces, this may not be enough. Many people in the area are visiting Gallup Gardens, Littleton Museum, Ketring Park and Ketring Lake, and Bemis Public Library. The Littleton Historical Museum has no entry fee!

Gallup Park green space next to Ketring Park
Gallup Park green space

Next up are the two soccer fields. They are both 180 feet across, so they are for younger people. The fields at Redstone Park are 330 feet across and are for older age groups. Park on the northern or eastern side of Gallup Park for the shortest walk.

The soccer fields in Gallup Park, Littleton
The soccer fields

The baseball field is on the northwestern side of the park. The farthest part of the outfield is 300 feet away from home base. The outfield has a fence so you know when you get a home run! And there won’t be anyone getting in the way during a game. The parking lot on the western side is right next to the baseball field.

Each dugout has a bench and a shade cover. The parents have a small 5-row bleacher. There are trees above the bleachers so an umbrella isn’t necessary, but there the road and parking lot are close to the field. This means that things can get crowded if there are dozens of people. Get here early for a better spot!

The baseball field in Gallup Park in Littleton
The baseball field

In between the playground and soccer fields is an open green space. Here, you can play any game you want, like football, cornhole, or just run around - maybe with a dog if you have one. There are some cherry trees where you can eat some cherries - go find them!

There are a couple of sculptures next to the playground.

A sculpture in Gallup Park, Arapahoe County
Gallup Park sculpture

Last up before the playground is the 4 tennis courts. These are located on the southwestern side of Gallup Park. I believe that anyone can use them as long as the park is open, but someone can comment if this is not true.

Gallup Park Tennis Courts in Littleton
Gallup Park Tennis Courts

Gallup Park Tennis Courts and the parking lot in Littleton
Gallup Park Tennis Courts and the parking lot

Gallup Park Playground

Gallup Park Playground has 8 slides, 4 of which are tall, 1 of which is swirly, and 3 small ones at the younger kids playground. There are also 2 traditional swings and 2 baby swings.

Gallup Park Playgrouund in Littleton, Colorado
Gallup Park Playground

Furthermore, there’s a mini rock climbing wall, a couple of horse spring riders, a tunnel, a fireman’s pole, ladders, stairs, and some games.

The playground is full of wood chips. I suggest bringing shoes to prevent cuts, splinters, and things like that. I’ve had my share of injuries from these types of playgrounds.

Gallup Park Playground in Littleton, near Denver
Another view of Gallup Park Playground

There are bathrooms right next to the playground, along with some benches in the shade. Make sure that your kids put on sunscreen; there’s no shade over the playground! Trash cans are off to the side.

Ketring Park

Ketring Park is right next door (literally across the street) and has a very large lake and a large green area. Ketring Lake - also known as Gallup Reservoir - has an island that you can walk onto. There are lots of places to walk that really connects you with nature; you can catch a sunset over the lake.

Ketring Park and Ketring Lake in Littleton, Colorado
Ketring Park and Ketring Lake

Next to Ketring Park is the Littleton Museum, a 19th-century living history farm. There are lots of animals that you can get up close to, like pigs and roosters. Hours can be spent here without running out of things to do.

Ketring Park and Ketring Lake next to Gallup Park and Sterne Park
Ketring Lake, also known as Gallup Reservoir

Gallup Gardens

Gallup Gardens is just north of Gallup Park. It’s even more forested than Ketring Park and has lots of native species and places to relax. There’s a pond, a sculpture, and a little waterfall.

Gallup Gardens next to Gallup Park and Ketring Park
Gallup Gardens next door

Sterne Park

We’ll talk a little bit about Sterne Park since it is only half a mile away. It’s a 15-acre park with 2 ponds, a lot - a lot - of geese and Wood Ducks, a playground, and an open grassy area. There are a couple of bridges that you can walk across to get a view of the pond.

A pond at Sterne Park, Littleton
Sterne Park

The playground also has wood chips, 5 swings, rock walls, monkey bars, and a board where you can learn to read Braille. Your children will love this unique little spot. Just make sure they don’t chase the geese. They may chase them back.

Address: 6147 S Gallup St, Littleton, CO 80120

Hours: 6 AM - 11 PM

Coordinates: 39.605340, -105.003258

Nearby Parks and Locations: Ketring Park, Sterne Park, Redstone Park, Kistler Park, Southbridge Park, David A Lorenz Regional Park, Arapaho Park, Writers Vista Park, McLellan Reservoir, and dozens more!

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