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Timberline Park - Highlands Ranch

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Timberline Park is a small, 5-acre park on the eastern side of Highlands Ranch. It has a playground, a couple of basketball hoops, a multi-use sports field, picnic tables, bathrooms, grills, and plenty of shade. Surrounded by neighborhoods, this park is a convenient location for thousands of people.

Timberline Park, Highlands Ranch map on Google Earth
Timberline Park map on Google Earth

April Hester's video shows the entire park and the basketball court.

Timberline Park in Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Timberline Park

Parking here can be quite a pain if you aren’t able to walk. Timberline Road has space for over a dozen cars. Having a birthday party can quickly make that parking fill up.

There is a walkway that goes through the entire park and all of the amenities. The entire walk is 0.25 miles. The fall colors are absolutely amazing!

Timberline Park sign
Timberline Park sign

The basketball hoops are in a small, asphalt area. There is only a free throw line and a three-point line at each hoop, which may be good enough for a small game. It is perfect for a game of Horse, though!

Basketball courts in Timberline Park, Highlands Ranch
Timberline Park basketball courts

Next up on the list is the multipurpose field. This field will usually have soccer goalposts, but any game - from football to baseball - can be played here. There will be enough space for everyone. You can throw a tennis ball to your dog in this wide expanse of grass.

The grass field at Timberline Park, Douglas County
Timberline Park grass field

In between the parking area and the playground (on the northeastern side of Timberline Park) is a restroom and a shelter with 6 tables in total. There is a grill next to here, underneath the trees. You can grill hamburgers and hot dogs while your kids have fun in the grass or at the playground.

One review reads, "Lovely park right in the middle of the neighborhood. Parking is by the road and fills up quickly. There is also a shelter with a grill for picnic. Right next to the shelter is a single common restroom. Children's play area is a bit small but is under the trees. Overall it's a great park to spend a couple of hours with the kids."

Timberline Park Playground

Last up is the Timberline Park Playground, a 400-foot walk from the parking area. The ground is full of wood chips, which makes playing easier after a rainstorm or in the winter snow. Shoes are best to prevent any cuts from occurring. A few trees will provide some shade.

The playground at Timberline Park in Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Timberline Park Playground

Timberline Park in Highlands Ranch, Douglas County
Timberline Park

There are 2 traditional slides and 1 baby slide. Furthermore, there are 2 slides: one swirly and one tube. There is a rope net to climb about 8 feet tall. There are also 2 sets of monkey bars, a rock climbing wall, and some games.

This park is for younger children, best for ages 9 and below. The reason for this is that the park is simple and small. If you are wanting something more exciting or something for older kids, I recommend Arapaho Park or Writers Vista Park (on the shore of McLellan Reservoir). They have slides that are 20 feet tall!

Writers Vista Park Playground in Littleton, Colorado
Writers Vista Park Playground

Arapaho Park Playground in Centennial, Colorado
Arapaho Park Playground

Address: 7250 Timberline Rd, Highlands Ranch, CO 80130

Hours: 5 AM - 11 PM

Coordinates: 39.544858, -104.907237

Nearby Parks and Locations: Ketring Park, Sterne Park, Redstone Park, Kistler Park, Southbridge Park, David A Lorenz Regional Park, Arapaho Park, Writers Vista Park, Gallup Park, and dozens more!

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