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Cherry Knolls Park - Centennial

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Cherry Knolls Park in Centennial is 23 acres and has 5 soccer fields, 2 baseball fields, a playground, a creek that runs through it, and lots of grassy space. Across the street is Cherry Knolls Pond. This park is a great place to relax and spend time with your children.

Cherry Knolls Pond at Cherry Knolls Park, Centennial
Cherry Knolls Pond

You can tell just how beautiful this park and stream are during the winter!

There is lots of street parking in the bottom half of the park; the other half doesn’t have any because it is in neighborhoods and a business center. There is some handicapped parking along East Easter Avenue.

A map of Cherry Knolls Park in Centennial, Colorado
A map of Cherry Knolls Park on Google Earth

On South Elizabeth Street (the east side of the park), there is a parking lot with over 50 spaces. It is right next to Sandburg Elementary School. Remember to take it slow when going through the school zone. Children don’t always look before crossing a street.

The main parking lot at Cherry Knolls Park, Centennial
The main parking lot

Next to this parking lot is a hill that is perfect for sledding in the winter!

Sledding down the hill at Cherry Knolls Park, Arapahoe County
Sledding down the hill

We’ll talk about the soccer fields next. There are 4 soccer fields on the north side of the park and 1 on the south side. It will be at least a 500-foot walk to the closest field. Each field measures 180 across, so they are meant for younger ages. Field #5 is in between the baseball fields. I believe field #2 is the back left one, but someone can comment below to confirm.

Make sure to bring shade and chairs, or sunscreen if you don’t bring an umbrella, because there is none of that.

Next up are the two baseball fields. One is in the bottom corner of the park and the other is on the center-left side. There will be a little bit of a walk to the second one. Both fields have a little bit of shade from trees, plus 3 rows of bleachers for each team’s parents. Each dugout also has a bench and shade.

The soccer and baseball fields at Cherry Knolls Park, Centennial
The soccer and baseball fields

Furthermore, each field has a sidewalk leading to it - no trudging through dirt and mud. Neither of the baseball fields has outfield fencing.

The sidewalk leading to the playground and baseball field at Cherry Knolls Park
The sidewalk leading to the second baseball field

There will be plenty of grass to play whatever games you want, like throwing a tennis ball to your dog. The park is big!

There is a sidewalk along the entire western part of Cherry Knolls Park 0.50 miles long. It goes right along Big Dry Creek. There are some benches along the way. In between the baseball field and the soccer fields, there is a little bridge crossing the stream. This leads to Big Dry Creek Trail. The trail goes north for 0.20 miles until you reach another bridge crossing.

The water flowing at Big Dry Creek at Cherry Knolls Park
Big Dry Creek

There are sidewalks that continue to the north and south of the park, the latter of which goes past Cherry Knolls Pond.

Cherry Knolls Park Playground

The best way to get to the Cherry Knolls Park Playground is the street parking on East Easter Avenue (higher up on the hill) and walking down the sidewalk. You will walk over the bridge.

The sidewalk leading to Cherry Knolls Playground
The sidewalk to the playground

The covered shelter has 4 picnic tables, along with some benches scattered around the playground. There is also a grill around here, as well as dog poop bag dispensers.

The playground at Cherry Knolls Park, Centennial
Cherry Knolls Park Playground

You can see that there is a bathroom to the side of the playground. Here, you will find the water fountains.

There are two playgrounds for different age groups, but they can intermix without a problem. The ground is wood chips, so wear shoes! I’ve had my share of cuts and splinters.

There are 6 swings in total, 4 of which are traditional and 2 of which are for babies or younger children.

The smaller playground has three slides (1 is a tube slide), games, stairs, and a chain ladder.

The larger playground has some slides, a couple of bridges, a spiral fireman hose, ladders, games, and more.

I like Arapaho Park and Writers Vista Park better because they have 20-foot tall slides, and the first is only a mile away! And David A Lorenz Regional Park has some better fields.

Cherry Knolls Pond

Cherry Knolls Pond is only 200 feet south of Cherry Knolls Park, so I definitely recommend it! Fishing is allowed and contains species like largemouth bass, rainbow trout, and bluegill. It’s surrounded by trees, making the pond even more pretty. There are ducks, geese, and turtles!

The sidewalk leading to Cherry Knolls Pond at Cherry Knolls Park
The sidewalk to Cherry Knolls Pond

A map of Cherry Knolls Pond next to Cherry Knolls Park
A map of Cherry Knolls Pond

David Graves says that there are "Lots of activities to do no matter the age. The park has a hockey rink, skate park, playground for the younger kids, 4 full size basketball courts, 6 pickle ball courts, at least 15 horseshoe pits, shuffle board, and countless soccer field and lacrosse fields."

DeKoevend Park

DeKoevend Park is only a couple of blocks to the north. There are playgrounds, tennis courts, a baseball field, a basketball court, multipurpose fields, Goodson Recreation Center, and miles of trails. Goodson Recreation Center is amazing because there are 18 different activities that you can do there. DeKoevend Park Playground has a twisting rock climbing wall that makes this park stand out.

The trails there are amazing, too. There is dense tree coverage and multiple bridges crossing over streams and creeks.

There is also a tot lot playground, which is perfect for young children. I haven't seen a taller rope pyramid out of dozens of parks.

Address: 7077 S Elizabeth St, Centennial, CO 80122

Hours: 6 AM - 11 PM

Coordinates: 39.590564, -104.955412

Nearby Parks and Locations: Bega Park, Ketring Park, Bowles Grove Park, Redstone Park, Gallup Park, Kistler Park, David A Lorenz Regional Park, Arapaho Park, Writers Vista Park, McLellan Reservoir, Southbridge Park, and dozens more!

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