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Hunters Hill Park - Centennial

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Hunters Hill Park is one of many parks in Centennial, Colorado. It is a 9-acre park with a treehouse playground, 2 multipurpose fields, a shelter, 2 tennis courts, and a swimming pool with a jacuzzi.

A map of Hunters Hill Park in Centennial, Colorado
A map of Hunters Hill Park

South Suburban Parks and Recreation's video shows the fun treehouse playground!

There isn’t much parking since there is mostly street parking. The best place to park is along South Xanthia Street or East Geddes Place. There is a small parking lot with 8 spaces next to the tennis courts and Hunters Hill Pool.

Multipurpose field #1 is on the north side of the park, and multipurpose field #2 is on the east side of the park next to the playground. There are painted lines for the soccer field, which is 230 feet long, along with some goal posts. These fields can still be used for football or any other sport.

The fields at Hunters Hill Park in Centennial, Arapahoe County
Hunters Hill Park fields

In the background of the picture above, you can see that there's a hill. You can go sledding down this in the winter!

To the west of multipurpose field #1, there is a fence where you can hit baseballs without having them roll away. This is the best place to play baseball since there are no baseball fields in this park.

There are no sidewalks that go around the park; the only sidewalks are to the playground and tennis courts, and they are short.

The tennis court is accessible only to locals and has 1 bench. There can be shade in the afternoon and evening from some nearby trees. No center divider exists, so try to keep the tennis balls out of the other court.

Hunters Hill Park Tennis Courts in Centennial, Colorado
Hunters Hill Park Tennis Courts

The Hunters Hill Pool is a local neighborhood pool not open to the public. There are lots of chairs, a diving board, and a jacuzzi, and the pool is 70 feet long! There are also bathrooms here.

Hunters Hill Pool at Hunters Hill Park, Centennial
Hunters Hill Pool

The address of Hunters Hill Pool in Centennial is 7235 S Xanthia St, Centennial, CO 80112.

One review says, "Hunters Hill Park is good place for kids to play. There are swings, slides, rope walkway, separate section for toddlers with swings, slides, and a seesaw. A picnic area with a couple of benches and grill is available if you want to have some fun with family."

Hunters Hill Park Playground

There are no bathrooms at this park, unfortunately. There is a small shaded shelter with 2 tables, a trashcan, and a grill. Some benches are scattered around the playground and park.

Hunters Hill Park Playground in Centennial, Colorado
Hunters Hill Park Playground

The best place to park to get to the playground is East Gaddes Place.

The playground has both rubber and wood chip flooring, so bring some good shoes! There are 4 swings in total: 2 traditional, 1 baby, and 1 handicap-accessible. There is some pretty good shade, too.

In this playground, there is a spiral fireman hose, a tree stump ladder, even more ladders of all kinds, slides, a plank bridge, a net bridge, games, and more.

I really like that the theme is a treehouse. It’s rare to see a playground that has more style than just some eye-catching colors.

If you have a dog, there should be some dog bag dispensers in the area!

The green area and dog bag dispenser in Hunters Hill Park
The green area and dog bag dispenser

Walnut Hills Park

Walnut Hills Park is only 0.20 miles to the north. It has a stream running through it, along with a small basketball course, playground, Disc Golf course, and tennis courts. It is more relaxing, in my opinion, than Hunters Hill Park because of the creek. In the winter, you can slide down the hill in a sled!

Address: 7275 S Xanthia St, Centennial, CO 80112

Hours: 6 AM - 11 PM

Coordinates: 39.584844, -104.889556

Nearby Parks and Locations: Ketring Park, Sterne Park, Redstone Park, Timberline Park, Bega Park, Geneva Park, David A Lorenz Regional Park, Arapaho Park, Bega Park, McLellan Reservoir, Geneva Park,, and many more!

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