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Elati Park - Littleton

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Elati Park is a playground with a 20-foot slide in Littleton, Colorado. Its close proximity to apartments and houses makes it a great choice for your kids to have fun. In this blog, we’ll cover everything there is to know about this park.

A map of Elati Park in Littleton, Colorado
A map of Elati Park on Google Earth

Patrick O'Neal's video shows Dachtoberfest and dog racing at nearby Progress Park!

We’ll start with parking. The best (and only) place to park is along South Elati Street. There should be a couple dozen spots, which is enough for everyone going to the park. Chances are that if there is no parking, the park will be too busy.

The street parking next to Elati Park in Littleton, Colorado
The street parking

There are a couple of benches next to the playground. There are also a couple of shade shelters with a picnic table under each. There are a few trees at the park, which should mostly protect you and your children from the sun.

Elati Park and Elati Park Playground in Littleton, Colorado
Elati Park and its playground

One review says, "I definitely recommend the park to relax on a lunch or even a picnic due to plenty of shade any time of the day would work"

Elati Park Playground

Elati Park got a new playground in 2018 - South Suburban Parks and Recreation have really been stepping up their game lately.

Elati Park and Elati Park Playground in Littleton, Colorado
Elati Park Playground

There are 2 traditional slides, but nothing else. There are ladders, games (like interactive music panels), lots of stairs, a bridge, a climbing apparatus, a smaller slide, and a 20-foot-tall tube slide!

Your kids will be busy for a while on this playground; it rivals few others. Have a fun day!

Address: 5340 S Elati St, Littleton, CO 80120

Hours: 6 AM - 11 PM

Coordinates: 39.619625, -104.994090

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