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Hotels and Lodges in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica - The Ultimate Guide

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Playas del Coco, Costa Rica is a beautiful beach town in Guanacaste Province that is quickly becoming a tourist hotspot for international travelers. Other common names for this area are Playa del Coco, Coco Beach, El Coco, Del Coco Beach, Coco Bay, Bahía Coco, and Coco, Costa Rica. When you arrive at Coco and your hotel, you will see many boats due to its largest fishing and tourism industry. There are perfect dark sand beaches and abundant marine life that will keep you busy for days. Furthermore, there are dense tropical forests for miles that contain a significant amount of biodiversity and unique animals.

Hotels and lodges in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica
Playas del Coco (Del Coco Beach) in Costa Rica

Some of the more enjoyed activities include surfing (although not as good as Pavones), scuba diving, snorkeling, and watching marine life, like whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles, stingrays, and octopuses. Playa del Coco also has a lot of hills for hiking, such as Mirador El Tanque, Mirador Playa Hermosa, Mirador Altos Del Cacique, and Mirador Playa Coco. They also give great panoramic views of the town of Coco, the town of Playa Hermosa, Playa Tinoco, Ocotal Bay, Coco Bay (also known as Bahía Coco), Playa Boruca, Playa Cocorí, Playa Pura Vida, and Bahía Hermosa. You will be able to see Isleta El Coco, Montosa Island, and Pelonas Island.

The closest airport to Playas del Coco is the Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport, also known as the Guanacaste Airport (LIR is the airport code). Another name is the Liberia International Airport. This airport is best for international travelers. San Jose is a 150-mile (240-kilometers) drive to Playas del Coco. Many people choose to take a taxi or bus to the town. You could also rent a car at the airport, which allows the flexibility to travel to more parts of Costa Rica.

Playa del Coco and Coco Beach are different than Cocos Island and Cocos Island National Park, which is a beautiful tropical island 550 kilometers southwest of the Costa Rican mainland. It is only 9 square miles (24 square kilometers), but looks like a movie!

Playas del Coco, Costa Rica hotels and lodges
The coastline of Playas del Coco in Costa Rica

There are plenty of hotels and lodges in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica, including some next to beaches, some surrounded by dense forests, and others outside of town. The options listed below are separated by luxury, moderately priced, and budget. Fortunately, there are good choices in each of the categories. Prices can range from $55 to $195 a night during the wet season (May - November), and $55 to more than $2,000 a night in the dry season (December - April) if you are interested in a villa with 19 bedrooms and 27,000 square feet of space. Some amenities include a free buffet breakfast, a restaurant, a pool, bars and lounges, a view of the beach, a coffee shop, and so much more!

Playas del Coco Hotels and Lodges – Luxury

Playa del Coco Hotels and Lodges – Moderately Priced

Playas del Coco Hotels and Lodges – Budget

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Hotels and lodges near Playas del Coco (Del Coco Beach), Costa Rica
A waterfall near Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

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