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Koehler Park, Fontana - Everything to Know

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Koehler Park is a 10-acre in Fontana, California with 2 playgrounds, 2 basketball courts, 2 tennis courts, picnic tables, and a large grassy area. We’ll talk about all these things and more in this blog.

A map of Koehler Park in Fontana, California
A map of Koehler Park on Google Earth

The Fontana Police Department sometimes does Playdate with the Police. You can see the playground and park in the background of the video.

There is a large parking lot off of Beech Avenue and Walnut Avenue with about 70 spots and 6 handicapped spaces. Gatwick Avenue has about two dozen street parking spaces, too.

The parking lot at Koehler Park in Fontana, California
The parking lot

The two basketball courts are right next to the parking lot. They have all of the painted lines needed like the three point lines, free-throw lines, and mid-court line. One of the courts will have a little bit of shade for part of the day, but it will otherwise be sunny. People can play games or play Horse here.

The basketball courts at Koehler Park in Fontana, California
The two basketball courts

Next to the basketball courts are the two tennis courts. I think that these courts are pretty nice - they are surrounded by trees (so they have shade), the lines look freshly painted, and I love the color. They also have lights so people can still have fun past sunset.

There are a few picnic tables with barbecue grills (most are unshaded), and some picnic tables underneath a shade shelter. You are almost guaranteed to find a table that is nice and quiet, but you can still rent a shelter if you are having a party or something similar.

The picnic tables and grills in Koehler Park, Fontana
Some picnic tables and barbecue grills

The sidewalks in and around Koehler Park add up to 0.64 miles. There will be lots of trees along the way, so it will be a relaxing walk. The trails will take you to everything in the park.

The grass field is 4 acres and has very bright lights for nighttime games. There is a baseball field that’s all grass; the “dugouts” are just a bench. The field is almost always going to be used for younger ages for these reasons. The soccer games, on the other hand, can be played by all age groups. For both the ball games and soccer games, there will be little to no shade or places to sit. Bring your sunscreen and chairs!

The soccer fields and baseball field in Koehler Park, Fontana
The soccer fields and green space

The last thing to talk about before the playground is the bathroom. It is in between the playgrounds and the parking lot. I have heard everything from them being filthy to them being very clean.

The bathrooms in Koehler Park, Fontana
The restrooms

Tuesday and Thursday are the busiest days for the park, and Friday and Sunday are the least busy days. As for specific times, 6 or 7 PM are the most crowded hours; go before 4 PM if you want to go when it's the least crowded (that may be tough if your kids are still in school).

Bessy Romero says, "My daughter's favorite. It's nice, clean, and with a big green area, ideal to practice yoga, for a walk or just chill. 2 playgrounds so there's a lot of space to play and perfect for skateboards."

Koehler Park Playground

The playgrounds are both rubber so the chances of injury are reduced. There are some places for parents to sit, too.

The larger playground has a swirly slide, regular slides, monkey bars, rope ladders, games like tic-tac-toe, and more fun stuff.

Koehler Park Playground in Fontana, California
The larger playground

The smaller Koehler Park Playground has regular slides, a swirly slide, monkey bars, and a tube slide.

Koehler Park Playground in Fontana, California
The smaller playground

They are both pretty similar, but they are still fun to play on.

That about sums everything up. Have a fun day at Koehler Park!

Address: 15352 Walnut St, Fontana, CA 92336

Hours: 9 AM - 10 PM

Coordinates: 34.128866, -117.470457

Have photos? Email them to

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