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Where to Stay In Polson, MT: The Ultimate Hotel Guide

Updated: Apr 2

Polson is a beautiful town on the southern end of Flathead Lake, the largest lake by surface area in the western United States. With the Mission Mountains nearby and Missoula a short drive away, there are plenty of recreational opportunities - such as hiking, kayaking, and road-tripping. Only 80 minutes away is the famous Glacier National Park, considered the best national park in the country by many. In this blog, we will cover the 3 hotels in Polson, including amenities, prices, reviews, and more!

Americas Best Value Inn Polson is ranked at the top because of its lakeside view, cheap winter prices, and its very good rating. In the summer, the hotel will cost $240 per night. In the winter, a night will only cost $90 (the mountains look amazing in the winter, and part of Polson Bay can be frozen over). This is significantly cheaper than other lodging in Polson. As for the rating, it is at an 8 out of 10. They are reliable and make an effort to help you enjoy your stay in town. I highly recommend getting a room on the northeastern side of the hotel so you can see the Mission Mountains and Flathead Lake. Like most hotels, their amenities include free parking, free WiFi, free breakfast, and air conditioning (many buildings in Montana don’t have air conditioning). Unfortunately, they don’t have an indoor pool like the other two hotels on this list. Their 43 rooms arranged on 2 floors have plenty of space, great beds, and a modern look. Room types include rooms with 1 queen bed, 1 king bed, 2 double beds, premium rooms, 2 queen beds, junior suites, and suites. You will definitely be able to relax and feel at home in Americas Best Value Inn Polson. Last but not least, pets are not allowed unless they are a service animal.

Americas Best Value Inn Polson in Polson, Montana
Credit - Americas Best Value Inn Polson

KwaTaqNuk Resort & Casino is the second hotel with lakefront property, which is the main reason it ranks above Red Lion Inn and Suites Polson. This hotel has a rating of 8 out of 10, the best view of Flathead Lake, and a gorgeous view of the Mission Mountains. In the summertime, a night will cost roughly $260. In the winter, a night will cost $115. KwaTaqNuk Resort and Casino has an indoor pool, a restaurant, a bar, a gym, free parking, and free WiFi. If you want a hotel that has lots of amenities, this is the one for you. They are also pet-friendly. As it says in their name, they have a casino. Their 106 rooms include rooms with 1 king bed, rooms with 2 queen beds, deluxe suites, casino suites, and connecting rooms (some with the choice of lake view or city view). The most unique part about this resort is that they are very sustainable - they use 100% renewable energy, they purchase annual offsets for at least 10% of their carbon footprint, at least 10% of their profits are reinvested into the community and sustainability practices, they have a comprehensive food waste policy, an electric vehicle charging point, locally-sourced food, reusable and biodegradable items, and dozens more things that are too long to list!

KwaTaqNuk Resort and Casino in Polson, Montana
Credit - KwaTaqNuk Resort & Casino

Red Lion Ridgewater Inn & Suites Polson ranks third because it is not directly next to the lake, which a lot of people require when looking for lodging in Polson, Montana. This hotel also has the highest rating at a 9.4 out of 10, which is exceptional. Similar to KwaTaqNuk Resort & Casino, they have a restaurant, an indoor pool and spa tub, a gym, free breakfast, air conditioning, laundry facilities, and free parking and WiFi. About half of hotels and motels are pet-friendly, and this one is, too; they charge $20 per pet per night, but service animals are exempt. This hotel is typically the most expensive one year-round; a night will cost $280 in the summer and $210 in the winter. They have 80 rooms on 3 floors (the top floor will have the best view). Red Lion Inn and Suites Polson has Junior Suites, rooms with 1 king bed and 2 queen beds, suites, and traditional suites. Some rooms will have the option of a lake view.

Red Lion Ridgewater Inn & Suites Polson
Credit - Red Lion Inn & Suites Polson

Recreation Opportunities Near Polson

1. Boats, kayaks, and paddleboards.

A few businesses will rent these out in Polson, like Polson Boat Rentals and Flathead Boat Company.

2. Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is only 80 minutes away from Polson. This is a must-visit area because of its beauty. Some short hikes and drives include Avalanche Lake, Lake McDonald, Going-to-the-Sun Road, and Hidden Lake Overlook. Longer hikes include Cracker Lake, The Garden Wall, and Blackfoot Glacier. You will pass Kalispell, Columbia Falls, and Whitefish along the way.

3. McDonald Lake and Mission Reservoir

McDonald Lake is different from McDonald Lake and is located in the Mission Mountains. Mission Reservoir is a little bit south of McDonald Lake. Both offer a fantastic view of the mountains that rival Glacier National Park. You will need a CSKT Tribal Recreation permit. If you are up for the hike, you can go past Mission Reservoir to Lucifer Lake. You will see a waterfall and towering mountains on three sides with the valley down below.

There are some good options for lodging and hotels in Polson, Montana 59860. Although they are often on the more expensive side, they provide many great amenities and a view of Polson Bay, the Mission Mountains, and Finley Point. A hotel in Polson will be much better than in Missoula for these reasons. Have a fun time exploring Polson!

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