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Everything About Moreno Valley Community Park, California

Moreno Valley Community Park is a 15-acre park with the following amenities: 4 soccer fields, a skate park, a playground, picnic shelters, walking trails, and so much more. Read along as we talk about everything in this park!

A map of Moreno Valley Community Park in Moreno Valley, California
A map of Moreno Valley Community Park on Google Earth

The video above by Ezekiel Flores shows the soccer fields at the park. They score a goal, so make sure to give it a watch!

Firstly, there is a parking lot off of Frederick Street with about 150 spots and 5 handicapped spaces. Frederick Street and Dracaea Avenue also have some street parking if this lot is ever full; parking is prohibited on Cottonwood Avenue.

The parking lot at Moreno Valley Community Park in California
The main parking lot

The four soccer fields are on the northern side of Moreno Valley Community Park. Each field is turf, has soccer goalposts, stadium lights for nighttime games, and painted lines - a lot of games and tournaments happen here. Three of the fields are 330 feet long, while the other is 300 feet long (but it is much narrower than the others). There are two nets behind the goalposts on the northern fields so the balls don’t roll into the street and hit cars. Lasselle Sports Park is another park that has some turf fields (for football).

The soccer fields in Moreno Valley Community Park
The four turf fields

Unfortunately, none of the fields have any shade. This means that the fields will be much hotter than the air temperature. I highly recommend bringing an umbrella and cold drinks. If you want to play on a soccer field nearby that is made of grass, TownGate Memorial Park is a great choice.

The soccer fields at Moreno Valley Community Park
The soccer fields

The skatepark is next to the parking lot. Accessible at any time (plus some lights to shine up the ramps), this is a hub of activity for skaters. There are rails, an A-frame, a halfpipe, stairs, and more flat and curved ramps. A shaded bench overlooks the skatepark.

Moreno Valley Skate Park in Moreno Valley Community Park
Moreno Valley Skate Park

Next to the parking lot is a snack bar. I wasn’t able to find any menu, but I assume that they sell the usual concessions (like popcorn, candy, soft drinks, and nachos). The restrooms are also in this building - they are in somewhat okay shape a majority of the time.

The bathrooms and snack bar in Moreno Valley Community Park
The restrooms and snack bar

The four small picnic shelters are all in the southern half of the park. Three of them are next to the skate park and the fourth is next to the playground. They each have two picnic tables, a barbecue, and a trash can. If you are interested in renting one of these shelters, they are Picnic Tables #7, #8, #9, and #10. You can rent one for $43.30 a day.

The picnic shelters and grills in Moreno Valley Community Park
One of the four park shelters and barbecues

There are 1.40 miles of walking trails inside of Moreno Valley Community Park. One loop goes around all of the lighted soccer fields, and the rest goes past every other feature in the park.

In between the parking lot and the playground, there is a green space to play games like football, soccer, or tag. It’s made out of grass so it is much cooler than the turf fields.

Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday are the busiest days in Moreno Valley Community Park; Monday is the least busy day. As for specific hours, 7 PM is the most active time on the weekdays, and 11 PM is the most active time on the weekends. The best time to go on the weekdays is before 4 PM. After 4 PM or 5 PM is the optimal time to go on the weekends.

One review says, “I was born and raised in Moreno Valley. It was nice to see the city build this park for all to use. We attend here quite frequently now that my son plays soccer. The park is always full of kids and families which is great to see. We have never experienced anything bad or negative here. The Community Park seems to be well-maintained and clean.”

Moreno Valley Community Park Playground

The surface of the playground is made out of wood chips. For that reason, I would wear closed shoes to prevent any cuts or splinters. For parents, there are a few benches and a shade shelter with a grill. The structure itself has a little bit of shade, but sunscreen is still necessary on sunny days.

The playground in Moreno Valley Community Park, California
Moreno Valley Community Park Playground

Moreno Valley Community Park Playground has 3 slides, 3 ladders, stairs, and a place that says your height. There are also 2 traditional swings and 2 bucket swings for the younger kids. This playground is more designed for younger ages, but older children will still get enjoyment out of it!

The swings and playground at Moreno Valley Community Park
The four swings

Celebration Park is one of the best parks in Moreno Valley because of its large playground and mini waterpark.

Moreno Valley Community Park Playground in Riverside, California
Another angle of the playground

Moreno Valley Community Park Address: 13380 Frederick St, Moreno Valley, CA 92553

Hours: 8 AM - 10 PM

Coordinates: 33.926006, -117.260834

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