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Everything About Lasselle Sports Park - Moreno Valley, California

Updated: Jun 3

Lasselle Sports Park is a 13-acre park located in Moreno Valley, California. There are 3 football fields, 2 playgrounds, a snack bar, picnic shelters with barbecues, walking trails, and so much more. Follow along as we talk about all of these things!

The sunset at Lasselle Sports Park in Moreno Valley, California
The sunset at Lasselle Sports Park

The video above by Monique shows the huge slides at the playground!

Before we get started, let’s chat about the history of the park. Lasselle Sports Park opened in September 2014; the developer of the Moreno Valley Ranch housing subdivision agreed to build the park in 1990, but they went bankrupt (along with two firms that acquired the project). The $6.5 million park is now a popular destination for many of the city’s residents.

Now onto the parking lot. There are 178 spots in the lot off of Lasselle Street. 8 of them are handicapped. Much of this parking will be used for the neighboring El Portero Park, which has 4 multi-use athletic fields. If this lot is full, there is a lot of street parking on Arroyo Park Drive, plus much more in the neighborhoods.

The main parking lot at Lasselle Sports Park in Moreno Valley
The entrance to the parking lot

The three football fields, which are frequently used for soccer, are made of turf. There are stadium lights for each field, along with a net to prevent any balls from rolling into the street or the Perris Valley Storm Drain. Furthermore, the two fields on the end have 15 rows of bleachers (there is no shade anywhere, which is terrible when you are on turf in the summer). All three regulation-size football fields have painted lines and LED scoreboards!


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The grass and turf fields at Lasselle Sports Park in Moreno Valley
The fields

If you want some grass fields, Bethune Park is only half a mile away and has a splash pad, playgrounds, tennis courts, and baseball fields!

The snack bar is the only building in the park. I was not able to find out what they offer, but I’m guessing things like chips, fountain drinks, nachos, and the usual park concessions. There are also some restrooms, which are typically clean.

The picnic shelters, snack bars, and bathrooms
The picnic shelter, snack bar, and restrooms

Two picnic shelters are next to the snack bar. One has 8 picnic tables and the other has 12 tables. The larger one has 3 barbecues to cook up a nice lunch or dinner for your family. One of the more interesting aspects of the park is that there are some chess boards to play with. You will have to bring your own chess or checker pieces. These are Picnic Shelter #57 and Picnic Shelter #58. Each can be reserved for $173.20 a day.

There are 0.57 miles of walking trails in Lasselle Sports Park, and another 0.28 miles just outside of the park. One dirt trail makes a loop around the fields (2.5 laps is a mile). Furthermore, there is a miles-long sidewalk along the Perris Valley storm drain - this runs on the western side of the park. You’ll be able to see palm, magnolia, and honey locust trees!

The walking trail along Lasselle Sports Park in Moreno Valley
The walking trail along the park

Thursday and Saturday are the two busiest days at Lasselle Sports Park, and Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday are the least crowded days (probably when no games are going on). 7 p.m. is the most active time on the weekday; noon is the most crowded time to go on the weekends. As for the least busy times, the early morning or 3 p.m. is wonderful.

One review says, “It is a wonderful quiet peaceful Park. Parents can take their children to the playground or the field or just have a picnic at the table. The field is open for running, exercising, and track and field. On the weekend, it is very busy for sports like little leagues, big leagues, and high schools. It is very lovely and peaceful to go run on the track and field or just go out there to relax and enjoy the view and the mountains.”

A map of Lasselle Sports Park in Moreno Valley, California
A map of Lasselle Sports Park on Google Earth

For those interested, Lake Perris State Recreation Area is a mile away, along with miles of trails and Terri Peak.

Lasselle Sports Park Playground

The playground is in between the football fields and the parking lot. The surface is made out of wood chips or mulch, depending on what you call it. There are a lot of benches and picnic tables around the play area, plus some lights for families who want to use the area after sunset. Bring some sunscreen. There is no shade!

The playground at Lasselle Sports Park in Moreno Valley, California
Lasselle Sports Park Playground

The larger Lasselle Sports Park Playground has two 20-foot-tall tube slides, a 10-foot-tall slide, 2 rock climbing walls, monkey bars, a fireman pole, ladders, and stairs. This is rated for 6-12 year olds, but it doesn’t matter very much who uses it.

Lasselle Sports Park Playground in Moreno Valley, California
The playground at Lasselle Sports Park

The smaller playground has talk tubes, a swirly slide, regular slides, games, stairs, ladders, and more. This one is rated for 2-5 year olds.

The playground at Lasselle Sports Park in Moreno Valley
The smaller playground for younger children

Unfortunately, there are no swings in this park. But this is still the best playground in Moreno Valley! Shadow Mountain Park is a close second because it has a couple of 100-foot-long zip lines.

Lasselle Sports Park Playground in Riverside County, California
Another angle of the playgrounds

Lasselle Sports Park Address: 17155 Lasselle St, Moreno Valley, CA 92551

Hours: 6 AM - 10 PM

Coordinates: 33.873207, -117.211494

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