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Everything About Glenmere Park - Greeley, Colorado

Glenmere Park is a beautiful 15-acre park located in Greeley, Colorado. Not only does it have a large pond with fish, it has a large playground, a gazebo, lots of walking trails, and so much more. Follow along as we talk about all these amazing things!

An aerial view of Glenmere Park and its pond in Greeley, Colorado
An aerial view of Glenmere Park

The video above by Geraldine Perez shows a snowy Christmas at the playground!

Because this park is next to the University of Northern Colorado, it can be very crowded. There is no parking lot, but there is street parking along Lakeside Drive, 17th Avenue, Glenmere Boulevard, and 14th Avenue. There are several dozen spaces, but it can be a pain finding a spot. Some streets do not allow parking between 11 PM and 5 AM - this shouldn’t be a problem since this is when the park is closed.

The parking lot at Glenmere Park in Greeley, Colorado
Some of the parking

For the University of Northern Colorado students, Glenmere Park is only a block away. It’s one of the best places to clear your mind or do homework before the snow starts.

The pond is toward the western side of the park. Only a quarter of it has a sidewalk to walk on; you’ll need to walk on grass or snow to do a loop around the pond. There are so many shrubs and trees, along with dozens of ducks and geese. Some benches are scattered around the area, too, if you want to enjoy the environment.

Glenmere Park pond in Greeley, Colorado
The sky reflecting off of the lake

There is a little pier at the end of Glenmere Road if you are interested in fishing or just standing over the water. Largemouth bass, channel catfish, crappie, bluegill, and carp are in this lake and others in Greeley. Redstone Park would be so much better if they allowed fishing.

The island in the middle of Glenmere Park Pond has dense tree coverage. You will be able to see a bunch of waterfowl sitting here on hot summer days. A loop around the pond will be 0.32 miles.

The sidewalks inside of Glenmere Park in Greeley, Colorado
One of the walking trails

Next to the playground is the water outlet of the pond. You can see the water flow through a riparian woodland and into the Glenmere Urban Wildlife Sanctuary.

Past the gazebo is a second smaller pond. Although it’s pretty dirty (you aren’t allowed to swim in either of the ponds anyway), it’s still a great place to go. You can see the stream flow in and out; a little bridge allows you to walk over the water. Much of the time, it is full of plants that grow in the water.

The bridge going over Glenmere Park pond in Greeley
The bridge going over the ponds

If you want to play a game of football or soccer, there is a small green space here. Just be careful not to let the ball fall into the water! Cornerstone Park and DeKoevend Park will have more fields.

A map of Glenmere Park in Greeley, Colorado
A map of Glenmere Park on Google Earth

The gazebo is next to the larger pond. It gives you an elevated view of the pond and is frequently used for events like weddings and birthday parties. There is a ramp that gets you even closer to the water, but the pier is the best spot for that.

The gazebo with tables in Glenmere Park, Colorado
The massive gazebo next to the lake

1.02 miles of walking trails are in Glenmere Park, taking you through trees, ponds, and flocks of geese. Some benches and picnic tables have barbecues where you can grill lunch or dinner with your kids. Children really do love the geese here, even if they get chased by them. There are a few sculptures in the park. One is next to the bridge, one is at the gazebo, and the other is next to the pier (called The Prize Catch).

The sculptures inside of Glenmere Park, Weld County
One of the sculptures

To keep the park clean, please throw away your trash. Also, the City of Greeley says to not feed the geese bread. The sign says that bread makes them ill, as it does not contain the right nutrition or calories that they need to keep them warm in winter. It also explains that rotting bread pollutes their water and causes nasty surface algae, which kills their fish and gives them diseases, along with making the water smell. Feed them the following: cut seedless grapes, cooked rice, birdseed, peas, corn, oats, and chopped lettuce!

The geese next to Glenmere Park Pond in Greeley, Colorado
The geese at the pond

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are the least busy days in Glenmere Park; Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days. Monday through Thursday, 5 PM is the most crowded time. Friday through Sunday, 1 PM is the most active time. 8 AM or 8 PM are the best times to go. You can watch the sunset over the lake!

A snowy day at Glenmere Park in Greeley, Colorado
A snowy day at Glenmere Park

Lori Strosnider explains Glenmere Park as “Very green, shady and relaxing. Picnic tables and a playground for the little ones. Beautiful homes and nice people. A pond complete with geese and ducks. Good place for a stroll around the whole park or just the pond.”

Waterfowl at Glenmere Park in Greeley, Colorado
More geese on a summer day

Glenmere Park Playground

The playground surface is made up of wood chips and mulch, depending on what you call it. For parents, there are a few benches (some in the shade) to watch your kids from.

Glenmere Park Playground in Greeley, Colorado
Glenmere Park Playground

Glenmere Park Playground is basically a large jungle gym course: there is a net wall, a rope bridge, step ladders, a rope ladder, balancing steps and rails, and a couple of slides. Within seconds of getting here, you can tell that the theme involves ropes and nets - kids will love this!

The playground at Glenmere Park in Greeley, Colorado
The net wall

There is a bucket swing and a traditional swing, but two is not nearly enough for a park this popular.

Glenmere Park Address: 1600 Glenmere Blvd, Greeley, CO 80634

Hours: 5 AM - 11 PM

Coordinates: 40.408443, -104.704975

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