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Clarkson Park - Centennial

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Clarkson Park in Centennial has 2 unique playgrounds that will keep your kids busy for hours. Not only that, the 8-acre park has 2 multipurpose fields, a shelter, and a sledding hill. In this blog, we’ll talk about everything to do with this park.

A map of Clarkson Park in Centennial, Colorado
A map of Clarkson Park on Google Earth

This video from Jeanette Edwards shows the swings and one of the playgrounds in the background!

First up is parking. There are dozens of spaces along South Clarkson Street and East Geddes Avenue. All of these spots are street parking; there is no parking lot. Everything will require a little walk except for one of the multipurpose fields.

Street Parking next to Clarkson Park in Centennial, Colorado
Street Parking

Next up are the multipurpose fields. Multipurpose Field #1 will be close to the intersection of South Clarkson Street and East Geddes Avenue (on the northwestern side of the park). Multipurpose Field #2 is at the southeastern part of the park - just south of the playground.

Field #2 is a little smaller (160 feet across) and is meant for younger kids. One of these two fields will typically have painted lines and goalposts. It’s a great place to play some soccer!

One of the soccer fields in Clarkson Park, Centennial
One of the fields

The gravel sidewalks go around the entire park in a loop 0.38 miles long. There will be a little shade and some benches.

The walking trail going through Clarkson Park in Centennial, Colorado
The gravel trail

There is a porta potty next to the bigger playground that is underneath a shade cover and trees. It shouldn’t be too hot in the summer (maybe hold your breath, though).

The playground is up on a little hill, so you can go sledding down it in the winter (it’s a popular spot in the area)! Hopefully, there isn’t a drought.

Jeffrey Carter describes the park as, "nice and quiet with wood chips around the playground, a public port-a-potty, a gazebo with some picnic tables and grills near by. There are slides, swings, climbing ropes, and ladders."

Clarkson Park Playground

Clarkson Park Playground is somewhat in the middle of the park, but in between the two multipurpose fields.

At the playground, there is a shelter with 4 picnic tables underneath, water fountains, dog bag dispensers, and benches. The ground of the playground is wood chips, so wear shoes!

The playground at Clarkson Park in Centennial, Colorado
Clarkson Park Playground

The larger playground has a tube slide, regular slides, monkey bars, stairs, fireman poles, a very fun twisting rock climbing wall, a rope climbing net, a tunnel, and more jungle gym equipment. There are also 4 traditional swings and a tire swing!

The smaller playground is a bit distant and through a couple of trees. There are 2 regular slides, a tube slide, games like tic-tac-toe, stairs, ladder, tunnel, spring rider, and 2 bucket swings for babies.

The Clarkson Park sign in Arapahoe County, Colorado
The Clarkson Park sign

Have a fun day at Clarkson Park!

Address: 7346 S Clarkson St, Centennial, CO 80122

Hours: 6 AM - 11 PM

Coordinates: 39.583426, -104.972416

Nearby Parks and Locations: Puma Park, DeKoevend Park, Ida Park, Footbridge Park, Bega Park, James A Taylor Park, Geneva Park, and lots more!

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