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Ridgewood Park - Littleton

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Ridgewood Park is an 8-acre with 2 baseball fields, a multipurpose field, and a couple of hiking trails. This is a perfect place to take a walk or bike ride!

A map of Ridgewood Park in Littleton, Colorado
A map of Ridgewood Park on Google Earth

The video above is from Lee Gulch Overlook next to the park. Not only is there a stream, there's a huge river! People go fishing here all the time.

We’ll start off by talking about parking. Parking at St. Mary’s Catholic Parish is only for church and school users; everyone else will be towed. Parking is also prohibited on South Prince Street. The best way to access Ridgewood Park is through West Euclid Avenue. Once you get past a little bridge going over a creek, you’ll reach a small parking lot.

The parking lot Ridgewood Park in Littleton, Colorado
The parking lot

Parking is terrible if there is a game going on (or three). I would also be worried about being boxed in by another car. If you can walk to the park, I highly recommend doing so.

The parking lot in Arapahoe County, Colorado
The other side of the parking lot

The two baseball fields and a multipurpose field are directly west of the parking lot. As the name implies, there can be multiple types of sports being played here.

Each baseball field has 3 rows of bleachers - I recommend bringing your own chair. An umbrella is beneficial, too, if you’re at the closer ballfield. The farther ballfield has lots of trees and shade. Each dugout also has a bench but no shade cover.

The baseball and soccer fields at Ridgewood Park in Littleton
Ridgewood Park fields

The Ridgewood Park Upper and Ridgewood Park Lower are basically the same thing. From what I’ve seen, many different sources contradict each other. The lower one has the 2 baseball fields and a multipurpose field; the upper is just a walking trail next to Charley Emley Park (I believe).

There is the Littleton Community Trail that comes in from the north, and the Lee Gulch Trail that comes in from the west. Littleton Community Trail goes for 0.80 miles north to South Prince Street. Lee Gulch Trail continues through a unique tunnel to Lee Gulch Overlook and the South Platte River. It’s 0.34 miles from the parking lot.

The Littleton Community Trail in Ridgewood Park, Littleton
Littleton Community Trail

The trails will converge and go for 0.24 miles west to Charley Emley Park. You’ll cross a 40-foot-long road right next to the baseball field. There will be lots of trees and shade, which is lovely in the summer.

Lee Gulch Overlook at the South Platte River, next to Ridgewood Park
Lee Gulch Overlook at the South Platte River

The Lee Gulch Trail continues for miles to Ashbaugh Park, Carbone Park, and Horseshoe Park.

Lee Gulch Trail going through Ridgewood Park in Littleton
Lee Gulch Trail next to Charley Emley Park

Evgeniya Bozhko explains the nearby South Platte River as, "We believe that Nature can never be considered ugly because every single spot is always unique and breathtaking. This River has its beauty as well. It is probably even more magnificent in the summer, but during the winter it has its charm."

Charley Emley Park

Charley Emley Park is only 0.25 miles to the west. There is a playground, 2 tennis courts, and a basketball course. The playground has slides, a tall rope climbing structure, 4 swings, monkey bars, and more fun things. I highly recommend checking it out since it’s so close!

Charley Emley Park in Littleton, Colorado
Charley Emley Park

Address: 6700 S Prince St, Littleton, CO 80120

Hours: 6 AM - 11 PM

Coordinates: 39.597772, -105.018317

Nearby Parks and Locations: Ridgeview Park, DeKoevend Park, Ida Park, Footbridge Park, Bega Park, James A Taylor Park, Geneva Park, and lots more!

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