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Ridgeview Park - Littleton

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Ridgeview Park is a small and quiet park located in Littleton, Colorado. It covers 5 acres and even has a pond to fish in. The open grass area is perfect for playing games.

A map of Ridgeview Park in Littleton, Colorado
A map of Ridgeview Park on Google Earth

In the video above, Damon Dutton is doing a "slackrobats" challenge on a tightrope with a kendama and a tambourine. The pond is behind him, but cut off from the camera.

There is lots of street parking on West Rowland Avenue and West Houstoun Waring Circle. Parking on South Prince Street is prohibited because of a bike lane.

The street parking at Ridgeview Park in Littleton, Colorado
One of the streets to park on

We’ll start off with the Ridgeview Park Pond. Fishing is allowed, but there likely won’t be any fish in it. Persistent droughts in the western United States have dried up lots of ponds and lakes; Littleton and Arapahoe County have a problem with this. This pond could be full one Spring and be dry by Autumn. You can see that the picture below shows a full pond, but the one after it shows a dried up one.

Ridgeview Park Pond in Ridgeview Park, Littleton
Ridgeview Park Pond while it's full

The pond will be on the northern side of the park next to West Rowland Avenue.

Next to the pond is a picnic table, garbage can, and a bench.

Ridgeview Park Pond in Ridgeview Park, Littleton
Ridgeview Park Pond

The open green space is narrow in spots, but measures 800 feet long. This will be enough room for whoever wants to use it, including football players, soccer players, and baseball players.

The green space at Ridgeview Park in Littleton, Colorado
The green space

There are also some areas that can be used for sledding in the winter. And if the pond is full, you can go ice skating!

Along the northern edge of Ridgeview Park is a trail. It is only 600 feet long and leads to the pond (if it’s not dried up). There will be plenty of trees and shade along the way.

The trail going through Ridgewood Park in Arapahoe County
The trail

Ridgewood Park is a different park, but it's less than a mile away. It has some fields and a very nice walking and biking trail!

That about sums it up. Thanks for reading!

Address: 2500 W Roland Ave, Littleton, CO 80120

Hours: 6 AM - 11 PM

Coordinates: 39.588655, -105.018594

Nearby Parks and Locations: Ashbaugh Park, Elati Park, Ida Park, James A Taylor Park, Bowles Grove Park, Gallup Park, Cherry Knolls Park, and so many more!

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