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Miller Park, Fontana - Everything to Know

Miller Park is a 5-acre park located in Fontana, California. Not only is there the Miller Fitness Center, there are 2 playgrounds, an amphitheater, and a grassy area. We’ll talk about all of these things in this blog.

A map of Miller Park in Fontana, California
A map of Miller Park on Google Earth

This video from Robert Vasquez shows the newly built playground in the park!

We’ll start off with the parking lot. Off of Wheeler Avenue are 25 spots and a handicapped spot. To the north is Seville Avenue, there are more than 50 spaces. Next to the Miller Fitness Center are 22 spots and 3 handicapped ones. There is more street parking on Arrow Boulevard.

The main parking lot at Miller Park in Fontana, California
One of the parking lots

The Miller Amphitheater is better than the one at Seville Park and Amphitheater - you can read that blog here. It’s 50 feet long and 40 feet wide. Right next to this is the grass field where people can watch concerts, plays, and just about everything else. There is a splash pad right in the middle of the green space. If you’re interested in the time, there is a clock tower on top of the Fontana Lewis Library and Technology Center next door.

The Miller Amphitheater at Miller Park in Fontana
The Miller Amphitheater

Miller Amphitheater Address: 17002 Arrow Blvd, Fontana, CA 92335

The bathrooms are in the green space and are usually clean.

The restrooms at Miller Park in Fontana, San Bernardino County
The bathroom

There are 0.51 miles of sidewalks in Miller Park. The best part of the walk is the area next to the playground with a bunch of trees. There is also the Pacific Electric Trail that is 18 miles long (it goes from Claremont to Rialto and follows the Pacific Electric Railway). It takes you by Seville Park & Amphitheater, Central City Park, and many more parks and interesting spots - it’s miles and miles long. It’s a great trail to ride your bike.

The splash pad at Miller Park in Fontana, California
The splash pad at the center of the park

On the western side of the park is a Fontana Veterans Memorial. There are many different wars, like World War I, the Vietnam War, and Grenada and Lebanon. Each one says the date, the number of U.S. service members, prisoners of war, killed in action, and wounded in action. They also have pictures. There is also a sign saying, "In recognition of the individuals, corporations, and other friends of the City of Fontana who made the Fontana Veterans Memorial a reality through their philanthropic support."

The Fontana Veterans Memorial in Miller Park, Fontana
The Fontana Veterans Memorial

One review says, “Wow. Such a great place for the kids. The park has lots of alternate play equipment for kids. Tons of shady trees. This park is clean, free of gangs, and right by the police department. There's a public pool. I will definitely return.”

Miller Fitness Center

The Miller Fitness Center has a fitness room and equipment, lockers, showers, and even 4 racquetball courts (open 6 days a week). For people 16-54 years old, it costs $5 daily or $15 monthly. For people 55 and older, they charge $3 daily and $20 annually.

The Miller Fitness Center in Miller Park, Fontana
The Miller Fitness Center

The equipment they have includes treadmills, stationary bikes, stair steppers, free weights, and more.

Recently renovated, the racquetball courts cost $5 a day for ages 16-54. For 55+, it’s $3 daily and $20 hourly.

As for the swimming pool, they offer swimming lessons, rentals, recreational swimming, and aqua aerobics.

The Miller Fitness Center at Miller Park in Fontana, California
The swimming pool at the Miller Fitness Center

These hours may be outdated, but on Monday and Wednesday, the hours are 1-4 PM. Tuesday and Thursday, the hours are 7-9 PM. Saturday and Sunday, the hours are 12-4 PM. Outside of these hours will be all of the lessons (not recreational swimming).

Carla Mendez describes it as “The staff is very friendly and the environment at this center is very non-discriminatory. Also, there is a variation of fitness activities one can participate in.”

Miller Fitness Center Address: 17004 Arrow Blvd, Fontana, CA 92335

Hours: Monday- Friday: 7 AM - 9 PM, Saturday: 7 AM - 11 PM, Sunday: Closed

Coordinates: 34.100803, -117.433111

Miller Park Playground

The playground on the southern edge of the park has both a rubber and wood chip surface, so I would urge you to bring some shoes.

The Miller Park Playground in Fontana, California
The Miller Park Playground

The larger Miller Park Playground has a fun rope wall, slides, a rock climbing wall, a spinning chair structure, twisting monkey bars, ramps, games, and much more. A shade cover provides some shade, but it’s not great; bring some sunscreen if you’re out there for a while!

There are also 2 chair swings, 2 bucket swings, and 4 traditional swings.

The playground at Miller Park in Fontana, California
Another angle of Miller Park Playground

The playground was renovated back in July 2018 by Innovplay (also known as Innovative Playgrounds Company), so everything should be nice and fun!

Miller Park Address: 17004 Arrow Blvd, Fontana, CA 92335

Hours: 8 AM - 9 PM

Coordinates: 34.100761, -117.433912

Have any pictures? Send them to

The green space at Miller Park in Fontana, San Bernardino County
Miller Park

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