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Seville Park and Amphitheater, Fontana - Everything to Know

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Seville Park and Amphitheater is a small 6-acre park in Fontana, California. Other than the amphitheater, there is a playground, a basketball court, an open green space, and lots of picnic tables with barbecues. We’ll talk all about these things in this blog.

A map of Seville Park and Amphitheater in Fontana
A map of Seville Park and Amphitheater on Google Earth

Walter Johnson's video shows most of the playground in the park.

There are two parking lots: both are off of Seville Avenue. The one on the western side of the park next to Cypress Avenue has 47 spots and 2 handicapped spots. The lot on the eastern side of the park next to Juniper Avenue has 46 spaces and 2 handicapped spots. There is also street parking all along Seville Avenue, adding up to dozens of spots. This should be more than enough parking for whatever events are going on in the park.

The parking lot at Seville Park and Amphitheater in Fontana
One of the parking lots

The amphitheater is quite small - 30 feet across - so the performances here will be for smaller groups. People do all sorts of things here, like video projects and music shows. There are plenty of spots to sit on the grass hill; some trees provide shade. If you want a bigger amphitheater, Miller Park is just a few minutes away. Go read our blog about it!

The amphitheater at Seville Park and Amphitheater
The amphitheater

Next up is the green space. It’s about 250 feet across and has a couple of trees in the middle of it, but it’s still good enough to play a game of football, soccer, or frisbee. If you have a blanket, you can also have a picnic.

There is a gazebo that provides shade next to the playground (it has 4 picnic tables, a barbecue grill, a trash can, and a recycling bin). Other than this gazebo, there are 2 more tables next to the playground. On the western side of the park, there are 8 more picnic tables. Some of them have shade and barbecues. Go have a nice lunch here!

The shade shelter, tables, and barbecues at Seville Park and Amphitheater
The gazebo, picnic tables, and grills

The basketball court is next to the playground. It has all of the necessary lines like a mid-court line, free-throw, and three-point lines. There will likely be some shade which is delightful in the summertime.

The basketball court at Seville Park and Amphitheater
A full basketball court

The restroom is next to the basketball court. I heard that it is very gross, so you should go to the bathroom before you leave your house.

There are 0.66 miles of sidewalks in Seville Park and Amphitheater. One of them takes you to everything important in the park. There is also the Pacific Electric Trail which is 0.24 miles long. It takes you by Miller Park, Central City Park, and many more parks and interesting spots - it’s miles and miles long. It’s a great trail to ride your bike.

The Pacific Electric Trail in Fontana, California
The Pacific Electric Trail

Next to the Pacific Electric Trail is some exercise equipment. Kids love these but never use them correctly. Maybe that’s what makes them so exciting.

Saycia’s review says, “​​Clean, Quiet, Nice Park. Walking path and exercise stations along the path. Cute place to take a walk and get a little physical fitness in Fontana!”

Seville Park and Amphitheater Playground

The surface of the playground has both wood chips and rubber. I recommend wearing shoes to prevent getting any cuts or scratches. There are also some benches and picnic tables next to it so that you can watch your kids closely. This playground is heavily shaded (that’s pretty rare), so sunscreen isn’t needed; children can still play here in the summer!

Seville Park and Amphitheater Playground in Fontana, California
Seville Park and Amphitheater Playground

Seville Park and Amphitheater Playground has a rope net to climb, a tube slide, a spiral slide, stairs, regular slides, ladders, and monkey bars. There’s also this zip line structure that’s fun to play with.

The playground in Seville Park and Amphitheater
The playground

That about sums everything up. Have a fun-filled day at Seville Park and Amphitheater!

Address: 16669 Seville Ave, Fontana, CA 92335

Hours: 8 AM - 7 PM

Coordinates: 34.101451, -117.440920

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