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Morrison Park, Moreno Valley - Everything to Know

Morrison Park is a simple but fun 14-acre park located in Moreno Valley, California. It has 4 baseball and softball fields, a soccer field, 3 picnic shelters with grills, a snack bar, and walking trails. Read along as we talk about all these things and more!

The sunset at Morrison Park in Moreno Valley, California
The sunset at Morrison Park

The video above by Larry Rodgers shows a couple of the ballfields. Give it a watch!

There are two parking lots just off Dracaea Avenue. The western one (closer to the soccer field) has 40 spaces and 2 handicapped ones. The eastern one is a bit smaller with 32 spots but no handicapped spaces. This is the weirdest parking lot that I’ve written about; there are spaces blocking other spaces. You’ll see once you get there.

The main parking lot in Morrison Park in Moreno Valley
The parking lot closer to the baseball fields

Jumping right into it, the four ballfields at Morrison Park are in between the two parking lots. All of them are the same exact size; 250 feet from home plate to the outfield fence. Each one also has an electronic scoreboard at the end of each field, plus some decent grass.

The baseball fields at Morrison Park in Moreno Valley, California
One of the four ballfields

Sunscreen and chairs are not needed because the parents will have both bleachers (5 rows for each team’s spectators) and shade covers. The dugouts also have benches, shade covers, and trash cans. Last but not least, there are stadium lights so players can play after sunset.

The bleachers for baseball spectators at Morrison Park
The bleachers for parents

The snack bar is at the center of the 4 fields. They have the usual snack bar stuff, like fountain drinks, popcorn, candy, and coffee. This building won’t always be open, so it’s best to bring your own treats.

The snack bar at Morrison Park in Moreno Valley, California
The snack bar

Next to the larger parking lot, there is a soccer field. They rarely have goalposts, but games are played every once in a while. It’s the best place in the park to play games like football, soccer, frisbee, tag, and almost everything else. The grass is typically in decent to good shape.

The green space and soccer fields at Morrison Park
The soccer fields and green space

The restrooms are not in a convenient place. You can find them in between the two parking lots (next to two of the picnic shelters). It requires a ten-minute trip if you are walking from one of the baseball or softball fields. Not only that, people have said that it is disgusting. For this reason, I would recommend going to the bathroom before you leave your home. Moreno Valley Community Park has some better restrooms even though it is much more visited.

Two of the small park shelters are next to the bathrooms. They both have shade, a picnic table, a barbecue, and a trash can. For reference, these are Picnic Shelters #25 and #26. They can be rented for $43.30 a day here. The other shade shelter (Picnic Shelter #27) costs $86.60 a day; it has a few tables and a grill. I’m not sure where this is found at, so comment if you know!

The walking trails at Morrison Park in Riverside County, California
One of the walking paths

There are 1,500 feet of walking paths inside Morrison Park, most of which are next to the baseball fields. Another 4,000 feet of dirt trails are just outside of the park. There’s a little rocky hill where you can get a decent view of Moreno Valley. It’s super easy! Many people will walk their dogs in this area. The park will have lights, but not the dirt trails.

The viewpoint next to Morrison Park in Moreno Valley
The overlook next to Morrison Park

Unfortunately, there is no playground at Morrison Park. If you’re looking for one that’s large and fun, I recommend Joe Sampson Park and Celebration Park.

The busiest days at Morrison Park are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; Sunday and Monday are the least busy days of the week. This can vary from month to month when sports season is happening.

The most active hour at the park is 6 PM on the weekdays and 11 AM on the weekends. As for the best times to go, before 4 PM or after 8 PM is optimal on the weekdays. Before 9 AM and after 3 PM are the best times to go on the weekends. It will be difficult to go to the park with your children if they are still in school, so Sunday is likely the best day to go.

The map of Morrison Park in Moreno Valley, California
The map of Morrison Park on Google Earth

One review reads, “Cute little park. Nice little area to get out of the sun and maybe watch a little baseball and chill out for a bit. Please just clean up your trash. Don't throw it all over. Kids play here and there are not too many clean places they can play. Be courteous and kind to each other. God bless!"

Morrison Park Address: 26667 Dracaea Ave, Moreno Valley, CA 92555

Hours: Open 24 hours daily

Coordinates: 33.928083, -117.196722

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