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Ridge Crest Park, Moreno Valley - Everything to Know

Ridge Crest Park is a cute 5-acre park in Moreno Valley, California. With its playground, multi-use athletic fields, picnic shelters, barbecues, and walking paths, this makes for a fun and quiet trip. Follow along as we cover everything in this park!

The sunset at Ridge Crest Park in Moreno Valley, California
The sunset at Ridge Crest Park

The video above shows the amazing view from nearby Terri Peak at Lake Perris State Recreational Area!

I’ll start off by talking about parking. There is a small parking lot next to John F Kennedy Drive with 20 spaces and a handicapped spot. If this lot is full, Ridge Crest Elementary School has a few dozen spots. Just a heads up, the line to pick up kids will block both parking lots; there is street parking on John F Kennedy Drive and Grandview Drive.

The parking at Ridge Crest Park in Moreno Valley, California
The main parking lot

The green space makes up most of the park. There will often be games, like football and soccer, being played. When that’s not happening, you or your children can play their own sports. I’ve seen some people throw frisbees or play tag. The grass is in decent shape. That’s the best it can get in California, though. Lasselle Sports Park has some large fields that may have soccer goalposts!

The green grass space in Ridge Crest Park, Moreno Valley
The green space

There are three picnic shelters in Ridge Crest Park: one is next to the playground, one is in the southeast corner, and the third is in between the two others. The one next to the playground only has one picnic table, a grill, and a trash can. The other two have two tables, a barbecue, a trash can, and a recycling bin. Almost always, one of these will be empty. You can have a nice grilled lunch with your family! Celebration Park is only a couple of minutes away and has dozens of tables.

The picnic shelter at Ridge Crest Park in Moreno Valley, Riverside County
The larger picnic shelter

You are able to rent these shelters for $43.30 each. For reference, they are Picnic Shelters #31, #32, and #33.

The park shelter at Ridge Crest Park in Riverside County, California
The smaller park shelter

Surprisingly, the restrooms are very clean. Moreno Valley takes care of them pretty well across all of their parks. You can find the building next to the playground and parking lot.

The bathrooms at Ridge Crest Park in Moreno Valley
Some restrooms

There are a total of 2,000 feet of walking trails in Ridge Crest Park. Although there isn’t a complete loop around the park, it will take you by the playground, shade shelters, picnic tables, and fields. It’s a great distance for a quick walk with your dog. They have some lights, too, if you want to walk during the night.

The map of Ridge Crest Park in Moreno Valley, California
The map of Ridge Crest Park on Google Earth

Tuesday and Thursday are the busiest days in Ridge Crest Park. As for the best days to go, I would recommend Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Monday through Thursday, 6 PM is the most crowded time; 3 PM is the most active time Friday through Sunday. The best hours to go are before 4 PM or after 8 PM for the first part of the week. Before noon or after 5 PM are the best times to go later in the week.

Toni’s review says, “Very clean and well-maintained park. Even the bathrooms are pretty much spotless, which is rare for public parks. One of my new favorite parks and it’s very family-oriented. They also have a water machine that looks clean and like it works. I will try to use it next time!”

Ridge Crest Park Playground

The playground is located right next to the parking area. There are security lights, two benches, a park shelter with a picnic table, plus a little bit of shade covering the play zone. I would still urge you to put some sunscreen on your kids. Furthermore, the surface is made out of wood chips, so good shoes should be worn to prevent any splinters or cuts.

The playground at Ridge Crest Park in Moreno Valley, California
Ridge Crest Park Playground

Ridge Crest Park Playground is treehouse-themed and has 4 slides, a rock climbing wall, ladders, stairs, talk tubes, and drums. It’s a good-sized playground compared to some other ones nearby (like Bud Bender Park), and it’s been designed for children 2-12 years old. Joe Sampson Park has a couple of massive playgrounds - it’s a local hotspot!

Ridge Crest Park Playground in Moreno Valley, California
Another angle of the playground

Unfortunately, there are no swings in the park. But there are plenty of parks in Moreno Valley that do!

Ridge Crest Park Address: 28506 John F Kennedy Dr, Moreno Valley, CA 92555

Hours: Open 24 hours daily

Coordinates: 33.905884, -117.164536

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