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Vista Lomas Park, Moreno Valley - Everything to Know

Vista Lomas Park is a 4-acre park located on the outskirts of Moreno Valley, California. Its features include 2 playgrounds, a basketball court, a picnic shelter with grills, and a ballfield. Follow along as we cover all of these things and more in our 100th blog post!

The sunset at Vista Lomas Park in Moreno Valley, California
The sunset at Vista Lomas Park

The video above by Israel Maciel shows one one the swirly slides in the playground!

We’ll start off with the parking situation. There is a parking lot off Iris Avenue with 15 spots in total, one of which is a handicapped space. There is also street parking on Silverado Court and Firerock Lane (these are in a neighborhood). If I’m being honest, the parking situation is terrible, but there should be enough parking in the nearby neighborhoods.

The parking lot at Vista Lomas Park in Moreno Valley
The main parking lot

The medium-sized picnic shelter is next to the playground and has 3 picnic tables, 2 barbecues, garbage cans, and recycling bins. It’s a great place to have a hot meal with your family. You can rent this shelter for $86.60 a day. This is Picnic Shelter #48. Just wait until you hear about the price for the huge shelter in Celebration Park (it’s $173.20 a day). To be fair, there are 17 picnic tables.

The park shelter, barbecues, and garbage cans at Vista Lomas Park
The picnic shelter, grills, and trash cans

The tables, grills, and trash cans in Vista Lomas Park
The picnic tables, barbecues, and trash cans

On the western side of the park, there is a backstop. People will hit baseballs and softballs, plus there are Little League games here. There is also enough room for a multi-use athletic field, so people can play football. Other common recreational activities include tag, frisbee, and soccer. The grass is in okay shape; Sunnymead Park and Morrison Park have better grass.

The green space at Vista Lomas Park, Moreno Valley
The green space

The basketball court is next to the small parking lot. They are both a half-court (so they make a circle). Both courts have the free-throw lines and three-point lines. On the bright side, both of them are so big that you can have a dozen people playing a game. There are also numerous benches and lights for playing after sunset. Weston Park has the best basketball court in Moreno Valley - the entire court is painted in beautiful colors!

The two basketball courts in Vista Lomas Park, Riverside County
Two basketball courts

There are 0.42 miles of walking trails in and around Vista Lomas Park. They take you to every amenity in the park, including 8 picnic tables (each set up with a grill and a trash can, but little to no shade). The prettiest part of the park is the two entrances where there are plants growing on the pergolas - it feels like you’re walking into a forest!

The cute pergola entrance with vines in Vista Lomas Park
The cute pergola entrance

Vista Lomas Park translates to “hills view.” Unsurprisingly, there is a view of the nearby hills at Lake Perris State Recreational Area and Terri Peak, plus the San Gabriel Mountains and the San Bernardino Mountains. You can get a much better view of the hills from El Potrero Park.

Go to the bathroom before you leave for the park. As you’ll read below, there is no restroom. Most other parks in Moreno Valley have one, though.

A map of Vista Lomas Park in Moreno Valley, California
A map of Vista Lomas Park on Google Earth

The most crowded days at Vista Lomas Park are Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, while the least busy days are Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday (Sunday is by far the best day to go). As for specific times, 6 PM is the most active time daily; before noon or after 7 PM are the least crowded times.

Stacy-Ann Holgate says, “This park is usually pretty calm. I like that they have two separate play areas. 2-5 yr old and 6-12 yr old. The playground floor is turf which is nice. They have a basketball court. A big grass area for the kids to run around. They have swings which is a plus for us. We spend a lot of time on them. The only downside is they don't have a restroom.”

Vista Lomas Park Playground

The playground surface is made out of turf, so injuries will be much less likely to occur. There are a lot of benches (unshaded) and picnic tables (underneath a shade shelter) to keep an eye on your kids. Unfortunately, the structure itself doesn’t have much shade, so I recommend putting some sunscreen on yourself and your children.

The playgrounds at Vista Lomas Park in Moreno Valley, California
Vista Lomas Park Playgrounds

The larger Vista Lomas Park Playground has a swirly slide, regular slides, a rock climbing wall, all types of ladders, a bridge, stairs, talk tubes, and more. This playground was designed for children 6-12 years old.

Vista Lomas Park Playground in Moreno Valley, California
The larger playground

The smaller playground contains a slide, ladders, stairs, talk tubes, and a climbable slide. This part is rated for ages 2-5.

The younger playground at Vista Lomas Park in Moreno Valley, California
The smaller playground

In between both playgrounds is a swing set; there are 2 bucket swings for small children and 2 regular swings.

Although there are water fountains here, there are no lights. It makes no sense to me since the park closes at 10 PM - after sunset.

Thank you for reading!

Vista Lomas Park Address: 26700 Iris Ave, Moreno Valley, CA 92555

Hours: 8 AM - 10 PM

Coordinates: 33.895745, -117.196513

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